Xiaomi Smart Band 7 launches globally, bringing its new always-on display to the masses

It features VO2 and SpO2 monitoring and offers up to 14 days of battery life

Xiaomi smartphones are immensely successful internationally, but the company’s fitness wearables are also massively popular. The Mi Band series has sold millions of units worldwide, with the Chinese company making key improvements with every new iteration. We found last year’s Mi Band 6 to be almost perfect for the price it commanded, packing thoughtful hardware and software upgrades all around. Now, following the debut of the Mi Band 7 in China in May this year, Xiaomi has announced the wearable for the global market as the Smart Band 7.

The specs of the wearable’s international variant are the same as the Chinese model’s. You get a higher resolution and more vibrant 1.62-inch AMOLED display— 25% bigger compared to the Mi Band 6. As a first for the series, the display gets an always-on mode, with over 100+ watch faces supporting it. To add a bit of spice to the design, the Smart Band 7 straps will be available in several colors like black, blue, ivory, orange, and olive. The water-resistance rating is unchanged at 5ATM, too, meaning you can keep the wearable on your wrist during your swimming sessions


The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 packs 110+ sport modes, which is a nearly a 3x fold increase from the Mi Band 6’s 30+ workout modes. This is coupled with the new training load, recovery duration, and training effect modes that will help adjust your workout load and routines accordingly. Other health features include VO2 max pro readings (measuring the max amount of oxygen at your disposal while training), SpO2 tracking, heart rate, sleep, and stress monitoring. If your blood oxygen level drops below 90%, the wearable will vibrate as a way to alert you.

The battery capacity has also seen a noticeable bump to 180mAh—up from the Mi Band 6’s 125mAh cell. This helps negate the additional power draw of the bigger display and the new health tracking features. Xiaomi claims the wearable can last for 14 days on standby. The actual battery life in daily use might vary much more depending on the settings and fitness tracking features you use, especially when you introduce the always-on display into the mix. A full battery top-up will take around 2 hours.

Early-bird customers in Europe (eg Germany) can get the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 for €49.99, with the price increasing to €59.99 after that. Xiaomi is not bringing the NFC variant of the wearable to the global market—that will remain exclusive to China for now.

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