Xbox Gamer Sends Halo Themed Series X in For Repair, Told They Could Be Getting Basic Console Back

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X is a highly sought-after console but one fan discovers that Xbox will only replace it with a standard console.

One gamer fortunate enough to have purchased a limited-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X has also been unfortunate enough to have the console stop working and sent in for repair. What first appeared to be a simple case of sending the console back to Microsoft and receiving a fixed console or equivalent replacement turned sour as the user was delivered a basic Xbox Series X.

While the ongoing console shortages appear to be easing up, many players are still having difficulty acquiring new consoles like the Xbox Series X. Doubly so for fans seeking limited-edition versions of the console, which are very attractive to collectors and enthusiasts. Microsoft unveiled its limited-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X at Gamescom last year, and the console quickly sold out at every online retailer. While various stores are regularly restocking the Xbox family of consoles, sales of the Hello edition have been far and few between.


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Reddit user iamvirtchu shares on the Xbox subreddit that they spent many months waiting to purchase the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X before finally getting their hands on one. Shortly after acquiring the console, it stopped working and was sent in for repair. Xbox’s customer support repeatedly told iamvirtchu that Microsoft would only return their original console if the repair team could not find a fix for it. Instead, the user received a standard edition of the Xbox Series X, which is disappointing considering that the Hello Xbox is priced at a premium compared to the basic console. Microsoft’s customer support policies have been a sore spot in an otherwise good customer outlook for Xbox.

Users in the comments section have shared their dissatisfaction with Microsoft for not substituting iamvirtchu’s console with an equal replacement. Many warn that both Sony and Microsoft’s console repair policies do not guarantee that players will receive their limited-edition consoles back, which has been the policy for multiple years. Players looking to jump into the Xbox’s lineup of games may have to think twice before purchasing future limited-run consoles.

The Xbox Series X is a powerful piece of technology but, like all hardware, has an inherent risk of failure. On the Xbox subreddit, several users have reported similar issues as iamvirtchu, where the console simply cuts out and doesn’t power on again. In the pursuit of a next-gen console, players should keep in mind Microsoft’s repair policies when deciding if a limited-edition Xbox will be worth the headache should it ever fail. However, Microsoft may also want to rethink how it handles console repair if more novelty consoles are coming later in the Xbox Series X’s lifespan. Perhaps fans and collectors deserve better when purchasing a premium product.

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