Xbox Console Exclusive Rogue Legacy is Getting Rave Reviews

Cellar Door Games released the original Rogue Legacy to rave reviews in 2013, with the game often held up as one of the finest roguelike platformers ever made. Considering the incredible success of the original game, expectations have been high for Rogue Legacy 2and if the early reviews are any indication, it seems as though the sequel has not only met fan expectations, but has in fact exceeded them.

At the time of this writing, Rogue Legacy 2 has an impressive 89 overall rating on review aggregate site OpenCritic, based on 18 reviews. This is higher than the overall review score for the original Rogue Legacy, which had a commendable 84 overall rating. Critics are praising Rogue Legacy 2 As an improvement over its predecessor in nearly every category, and it seems many fans are happy with the game.


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Rogue Legacy 2‘s exit from early access has been a big success so far, but it’s not just a win for Cellar Door Games. As it so happens, Rogue Legacy 2 is an Xbox console exclusive, meaning the only platforms Xbox players can check it out on are Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Because of this, Rogue Legacy 2‘s strong reception is definitely a win for Xbox as well.

With its current score, Rogue Legacy 2 stands as one of the highest-rated video game releases of 2022 so far, behind only FromSoftware’s smash hit Elden Ring and the acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Norco. With the game earning such high praise from critics, it’s understandable that fans on other platforms may be wondering if they’ll be able to play it on their console of choice. The original Rogue Legacy released for numerous platforms over the years, and so one would think that PlayStation and Switch ports for Rogue Legacy 2 could be a possibility down the road.

Game Rant spoke with lead designer Teddy Lee about the possibility of Rogue Legacy 2 PlayStation and Switch ports. Lee explained that Rogue Legacy 2 only has two programmers on the team, lacking the resources to have someone handling ports to other platforms. “Even doing the Xbox version was so difficult,” Lee said. This doesn’t mean that Rogue Legacy 2 won’t come to PlayStation or Switch at some point down the line, but fans shouldn’t expect for it to happen anytime soon.

For now, those that want to play Rogue Legacy 2 will need to do so through PC or Xbox consoles.

Rogue Legacy 2 is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: OpenCritic

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