Xbox Console Exclusive Nobody Saves the World Could Be Jumping Ship to PlayStation

Back in January, DrinkBox Studios released Dungeon crawling action-RPG Nobody Saves the World to mostly positive reviews, with many critics praising its unique shape-shifting gameplay mechanics and witty writing. Nobody Saves the World launched as an Xbox console exclusive game and as a day one Xbox Game Pass title, which definitely limited its potential audience. Luckily for PlayStation gamers, however, they may soon have the chance to check the game out for themselves.


An official announcement about a potential Nobody Saves the World PlayStation port has not been made, but the game has been found on the PlayStation Store database. According to the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, the PS5 version of Nobody Saves the World has been discovered and comes in at 812 MB. A potential PS4 version of the game wasn’t mentioned, but since Nobody Saves the World has a native Xbox One release, one would think that it would be coming to both PS4 and PS5 if it is indeed jumping ship to PlayStation.

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Since Nobody Saves the World It was self-published by DrinkBox Studios and is not a first-party Xbox game, no one really expected it to stay exclusive to Xbox consoles forever. But if the game is coming to PlayStation relatively soon, as this seems to suggest, some may be surprised to see that it’s shedding its Xbox console exclusivity status so soon.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time that a once-Xbox console exclusive third-party game came to PlayStation within the same year. As some may recall, The Medium launched in 2021 as an Xbox console exclusive game, but it eventually made its way to PlayStation 5.

There’s also been times when the roles have been reversed. Looking ahead, PlayStation console exclusive games Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo are almost certainly going to come to Xbox as day one Xbox Game Pass games. While they launched as PS5 console exclusives, Microsoft owns Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo publisher Bethesda, so the titles will likely come to Xbox once their PlayStation exclusivity windows end.

As far as Nobody Saves the World goes, it’s definitely something worth checking out. While it’s known to suffer from some unfortunate technical problems, Nobody Saves the World offers fun online co-op, an entertaining story, and plenty of challenging dungeons to conquer. It may not quite live up to the lofty expectations set by some of DrinkBox Studios’ previous games, but it would still be a solid addition to the PlayStation lineup if it is indeed making its way to Sony’s consoles.

Nobody Saves the World is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X with PlayStation versions rumored to be in development.

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