World Of Warships Reveals More Updates On PC & Console


Wargaming has released a new update across the board for World Of Warships titles as both console and PC games have some new content. The shorthand to this is that a new fleet of French Cruisers will be headed to Early Access, along with new Azur Lane content as they push ahead with their partnership with the mobile game and anime. Meanwhile, World of Warships: Legends will get new Pan-European Destroyers in Early Access and take on the five-week-long Back to Belfast Campaign, where they can earn the powerful Tier VII version of Belfast ’43. You can read the full patch notes here and check out more details and the video below.

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World Of Warships PC Updates

Three new French cruisers make their debut appearance in this update. Available in early access players will be able to take the helm of the Tier VIII Cherbourg, Tier IX Brest, and Tier X Marseille, all complete with large-caliber guns and deadly close range firepower. Azur Lane also returns to the high seas. Available during the update, collect ship camouflages for the Iowa, Indomitable, and Shōkaku, alongside 6 new commanders including the famous Bismarck and New Jersey as well as commemorative flags. The AL Aurora and AL Azuma will expand the roster of Azur Lane ships in the game. To close out the update, players will also be able to research the full complement of Italian Destroyers, take part in brand new seasons of Ranked and Clan Battles, and test their speed and ferocity in the return of the fan-favorite Arms Race game mode in Random and Co-op battles.

World Of Warships: LegendsUpdate

Leading this update, World of Warships: Legends sees seven Pan-European ships drop anchor in Early Access. One Polish cruiser and six Swedish destroyers are introduced, ranging from Tier I Gryf and Tier VI Skåne. The Tier VII Östergötland and this line of fast-firing destroyers will be fully researchable at the beginning of the next update. Two new Commanders join the ranks. Conrad Helfrich, a universal Pan-European Commander, as well as Stig Hansson Ericson, a dedicated destroyer Commander. The Back to Belfast campaign also launches as part of this update. Those who complete the campaign with Admiralty Backing active will acquire a powerful Tier VII version of the iconic cruiser: Belfast ’43. Players can also jump into the brand-new Auction system, bidding doubloons and credits on community lots, which contain a diverse range of items. This update also brings three new arena seasons, which also see the return of most of the Arms Race bonuses.

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