Why the EZVIZ C6 is the perfect smart home camera for pet owners

Any smart home camera can be used to check up on your pets when you are at work or in a different room. However, there is a wide disparity between the experience of a basic camera and one made specifically for the job, like the EZVIZ C6.

It can pan to keep sight of puppies who dash around the room, differentiate between people and pets, and high-quality 2K+ resolution video capture means it records clips you might actually want to share online.

This is an affordable camera too. The EZVIZ C6 costs just $129.99/£89.99, and almost all the most important features are available with no on-going additional costs. You can record video to a memory card, get notifications and use two-way talk to chat to your pets while you’re at work.

Want up to 30 days of cloud storage of recorded clips? You can sign up to an EZVIZ CloudPlay subscription — an EZVIZ C6 also includes a 30-day trial of the service so you can check it out without spending a penny.

So yes, the EZVIZ C6 is a good deal, but it’s the wealth of features that make is such a sensible buy for pet lovers.

Here are eight of the camera’s highlights that make it a perfect companion for your furry friends.

Pet and person detection

The EZVIZ C6 recognizes people and pets, and it knows the difference between them. It does not just see a moving object and class it as some kind of living creature.

EZVIZ manages this using AI software, which analyzes what the camera sees on-the-fly to spot your dog or cat.

Just as you might spot a dog from across the street by its shape, the EZVIZ C6 can do just the same.

Unobtrusive design

A lot of pet owners may like the idea of ​​a camera that lets them keep an eye on their dog or cat, but don’t want something too “techy†looking cluttering up their home.

The EZVIZ C6 was designed with this in mind.

It’a cute 100mm diameter ball with a flattened bottom that will sit happily on any flat surface.

When not in use the lens can also retract back into the casing, offering peace of mind that no-one is watching — something that may be important when you invite friends over.

2-way talk

If your pet gets a little anxious when you are away from home, two-way talk is a must-have feature for a smart home camera.

This means the EZVIZ C6 has both microphones that can hear any noises your dog or cat makes, plus a speaker to let you interact with them no matter where you are.

You can treat the camera like a walkie-talkie when using the EZVIZ app on your phone — a great way to comfort anxious young dogs in particular.

The EZVIZ C6 also has dual microphones, to enable active noise cancellation so you can hear the sounds of your home more clearly.

Pan and tilt

Why the EZVIZ C6 is the perfect smart home camera for pet owners

The EZVIZ C6 is much more than just a static home camera. It uses a series of motors that let the camera pan around the room, letting you cover a full 360-degree environment with just a single camera.

Its tilt lenses up and down too, so you can even track cats that have a habit of scaling curtains and furniture while you are out of the room.

EZVIZ’s AI-enhanced software will even follow a moving human subject, keeping them in the frame and zooming in to provide a clearer view.

Free video storage and notifications

You can set your EZVIZ C6 to record clips whenever the camera hears loud noises or spots motion. The camera has a microSD slot that supports cards up to 256GB capacity, enough for a huge number of these recorded clips.

Alternatively, with a EZVIZ CloudPlay subscription you can store an unlimited number of clips for up to 30 days in the cloud.

Review them at your leisure in the phone app and download the ones you want to keep. It’s perfect for all those cute moments you’ll miss when you’re not at home.

Smarter notifications

You don’t need a CloudPlay subscription to access one of the EZVIZ C6’s most useful features: smart notifications.

When the camera hears an “abormal†sound or spots motion, it can send you an instant alert via your phone.

You can then jump straight into the camera’s live view to see what’s up. This is handy for keeping touch with people as well as pets.

The EZVIZ C6 can recognise the gesture of someone waving at the camera, a handy way to start a video chat with a friend or family member.

Night vision

Plenty of smart home cameras have a night vision mode. The EZVIZ C6 goes a step further with low-light color vision, supplied by the EZVIZ Starlight Lens.

The typical night mode in such cameras is monochrome, because it uses infra-red to see.

While black and white footage can do the job for a purely practical security camera, the added color of the Starlight Lens is a huge benefit if you want to capture low-light clips you’ll actually want to share with friends and family.

Or on social media, if your dog does something particularly cute or funny while asleep.

High-quality 1440p capture

Why the EZVIZ C6 is the perfect smart home camera for pet owners

The EZVIZ C6 has a higher resolution camera than most. Far sharper than the average 720p webcam or Full HD smart home camera, the C6 records footage at 2K+, or 2560 x 1600 pixels.

This offers a shaper view of your home and its surroundings, and is particularly handy when you use the zoom feature.

Digitally zooming into low-resolution footage tends to leave the image looking soft or blurry. 2K+ lets the EZVIZ C6 zoom in further without obvious picture degradation.

In other words, it’s a great way to spy on dogs and cats while they sleep on the sofa.

The EZVIZ C6 is available to buy for $129.99 / £89.99, and includes a one-month trial of the EZVIZ CloudPlay service.

You can buy now at Amazon and Very.

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