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Ugandan Breweries Limited (UBL) has unveiled Diageo One, a self-service Android and iOS app that will enable its customers to buy Ugandan Breweries Products directly from the company’s distributors. The app is fully functioning in other East African countries like Kenya.

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The E-Commerce Diageo One App is a business-to-business (B2B) product, and according to UBL Managing Director Andrew Kilonzo will connect business customers to Uganda Breweries, distributors, brands, promotions, messaging, ordering, and delivery among many functions .

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“We are looking to facilitate innovation that is going to make us convenient and efficient. The solution we are launching today is called Diageo One App. It is available on both the APP store and Google Play. The user friendly Diageo One Appweb portal carefully is designed such that you can find any product with ease. For retailers, the application allows their businesses to operate at maximum without waiting for the daily or weekly distributor truck to buy UBL products,” he said.

Other benefits of the application include quick stocking of depleted products, learning more about UBL products, and participating in loyalty programs.

“This innovation is timely as the economy is grappling with high costs of doing business, skyrocketing fuel prices, and inflation. This app will provide retailers with a convenient way to purchase our wide range of brands at just a click of a button and have them delivered at their convenient locations at no additional cost,” said Kilonzo.

Diageo One app launch UBL
Diageo One app launch by UBL

UBL is clearly shifting to the consumer behavior that has been shifting online for many years, businesses have been responding to channels and embracing digital touchpoints. This trend was undoubtedly accelerated by COVID-19, and as Uganda emerges from pandemic restrictions, there’s no doubt that digital will continue to play a vital role in business strategies.

Peter Mugisha, UBL Commercial Execution Manager said the Diageo One App will connect customers to the nearest UBL distributors based on the location of their outlets. It will also connect them to the brewery headquarter for promotions and brand information.

Among other benefits of the application, business owners will have the ability to restock depleted items in time, get educated on Diageo’s product portfolio and pricing, updates on new innovations and products from Diageo, and participation in loyalty programs.

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