Twitter For Android Gets A Dedicated Spaces Tab

To push Spaces, Twitter is adding a dedicated tab for the audio-based chatroom to its mobile apps. Well, the company has been testing it on iOS for several months now. Android users are finally getting the dedicated Spaces tab as well. It’s a microphone icon that sits in the middle of the bottom navigation panel. We have the home and search buttons to its left and notifications and messages to its left.

The dedicated Spaces tab started appearing for Android users over the past few days. But Twitter only announced the rollout Wednesday. The company said the feature is still in testing, so not everyone may get access to it. Hopefully, a wider rollout isn’t too far away.

Twitter adds a dedicated Spaces Tab to its Android app

You are probably familiar with the Spaces feature on Twitter. It’s an audio-based chatroom inspired by Clubhouse. You can create your own Spaces or join others as a listener or a speaker if allowed by the host. Twitter already lets you create a new chatroom from the floating “+” button on your timeline, the same button that also lets you write a new tweet.

However, the social network wants Spaces to have a separate identity within the app. As such, it’s adding a dedicated place where you’ll find all the live Spaces that you can join. Twitter will curate the list based on your interests (read user data it has collected by tracking you across the internet). The dedicated Spaces tab also gets a floating “create new space” button of its own. Tapping it will let you add a title to your chatroom and start a new space. You also get a toggle to record your space or schedule it for later.

Limited to iOS for months, Twitter is now bringing this dedicated Spaces tab to Android as well. However, this expansion doesn’t yet add support for more languages. The Spaces tab within Twitter mobile apps is still only available in English. The company doesn’t tell when it plans to make it multi-lingual.

Nonetheless, kudos to the company for regularly updating the platform with new features amid all the turmoil it’s going through currently. The social network is in the process of switching ownership and going private after Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire CEO of EV (electric vehicle) maker Tesla, agreed to buy it for $44 billion. But Musk has accused Twitter’s leadership of falsely reporting the proportion of fake accounts or bots on the platform. He has suggested that he may pull out of the deal if the situation isn’t clarified. Hopefully, everything will be settled soon.

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