Top 6 Wallpapers Apps for iPhone (Free and Paid) of 2022

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About the Top 6 Wallpapers Apps for iPhone (Free and Paid)

You may be using an Apple iPhone and there will be plenty of other users using an iPhone as well. but you can see that there is a difference between your phone and their phones even though the variants are similar. This is due to the fact that they have different wallpapers, ringtones and other little information on their phone. Talking about the wallpapers, this is one of the common things that you can change on the devices that will make your phone special from others.

Now, we have noticed people who like to keep their own images as wallpapers while there are other people who like to set their pets images as wallpapers. However, most iPhone users would like to choose from a selection of default wallpapers available on their devices directly from Apple. If you want to create your special iPhone from all of them, you can download an iOS wallpaper app which will give you a lot of wallpapers to select from, which can then be set as your wallpaper as well. Now, there is no shortage of great wallpaper apps available for iPhone on the Apple app store.

Check out the list of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone

Vellum Wallpapers

At Vellum, the wallpapers are divided into a number of collections. These include themes as varied as ‘Earth by Google’, which takes images of geographic structures or interesting locations as displayed in Google Earth, to ‘Stock & Render’, a collection by visual artist Matt Mills.

In fact, along with stylistic collections like ‘Abstract Paint’ and other spatial themes, visual artists have a relatively prominent place in the app. In the settings, there is also an option to submit your work for submission, so much of the vellum wallpaper is one of a kind.


Zedge is a very popular and widely used app that people use to download wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones and games. Today, the Zedge developers have released an update to Zedge 4.0. It brought with it a much-needed design overhaul and some new features. To see them in action, watch the video above or read on to learn more.

New design elements allow Zedge to distribute your content and make it easier to find and sort. The pop-up menu on the left allows you to easily switch to whatever content you need to search for, and moving from one category to another allows you to narrow your search faster and easier. This allows users to use Zedge in ways that weren’t available in the previous design.


Walli advertises itself as the “creative wallpapers” app, where top artists share their images and earn money while being discovered by users. Anything you find on Walli will not be replicated on other wallpaper apps or sites, so this is the way to go if you really want your phone wallpaper to stand out from the crowd.

Walli editors choose the artists they want to feature on Walli, so they’re all authentic and carefully chosen. Each artist also has their own profile page, so you can see all of their available artwork and even follow them on social media. There are many wallpapers that come with the free initial download of Walli.


Kappboom Cool Wallpapers HD offers the best wallpapers with more than 200,000 beautiful and cool wallpapers at your fingertips! These wallpapers are carefully selected and are eagerly waiting to be chosen as your wallpaper. Filtering from categories like Anime, Cars, Games, Movies, Music and many more.

Quickly add favorites to your list so you can review worthy wallpaper candidates later. Gallery wallpapers can be sorted by popularity or recent additions. New wallpapers are added every minute to always keep you entertained and to fill your photo library with the best wallpapers.

Everpix Cool Wallpapers

Everpix is ​​a free app with an amazing collection of beautiful static wallpapers! All images are perfect for all devices. There are thousands of free backgrounds to choose from that can be used on your home screen and lock screen, giving it a unique and stylish look.

The app has a unique collection of wallpapers and themes for every taste. All wallpapers and images are colorful and vibrant! High quality wallpapers are our priority. There are screensavers and backgrounds only in HD (1080p x 1920p) and 4K (2160p x 3840p) quality. We guarantee full transmission of brightness and clarity even for Android phones with a large screen.

go pixel

It is the world of pixels. Dive into the colorful world of 8-bit adventures. We have created different heroes and made short animated stories with them. Funny, cute, loving or angry and sad, all emotions are here. Put any animation on your lock screen and surprise your friends. A tap on the screen will bring the Pixel hero to life.

The easiest way to describe your emotions is by using WOW Pixel! Just try it, you will like it. Choose from different Premium subscription options with a free trial period that will automatically renew to a paid subscription. 1-week subscription with 3-day free trial 1-month subscription 1-year subscription.

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