This Free iPhone Meditation App Works With Apple Music & Spotify

The Sleep by Max Richter meditation app works with an iPhone and iPad and synchronizes to the user’s heart rate when wearing an Apple Watch.

This is free iPhone meditation app, Sleep by Max Richter, combines with an Apple Music or Spotify subscription to facilitate meditative moments of various types. Although the title suggests it might only be helpful for sleep, the app also provides gentle waking in the morning and helps throughout the day with both focus and general mindful or calming guidance.

Max Richter is a renowned contemporary classical composer whose work has been featured in several recent films and television series. Most recently in the Apple TV-Plus series Invasion. Richter arranges, performs and composes music and has received numerous awards, including two for technical achievements, the latest for the opening and closing pieces for the film Arrival. In addition, Richter made a splash with a London concert in 2015 that included cots and lasted all night, with the intention for the audience to fall asleep to the music.


Recently highlighted by Apple in the App Store, Sleep by Max Richter is a free, well-rated, and popular app that uses an Apple Music or Spotify subscription to access Richter’s fantastic ‘Sleep’ album. The app works on an iPhone or iPad and integrates with the Apple Watch, adjusting the music programming for the best effect with the user’s heart rate. The music used for the app was composed by Richter and is made by blending various songs from the album Sleep, which contains over eight hours of music in 204 songs. In addition, a journal is included to note how each meditation affects the user and track their overall well-being. Visuals include nice, space-themed imagery, which changes over time as the user advances in their use of the app.

iPhone Sleep App & Science

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The iPhone app, Sleep by Max Richter, is not simply a programmable music player. Instead, it monitors the user via the Apple Watch to customize the experience for each person and each moment. The music itself was scientifically designed as well. Richter consulted with sleep neuroscientist David Eagleman when composing the songs, and each represents a different mental state. Changing the sequences can guide the mind into sleep, wakefulness, or meditative focus.

The music can be cast to any AirPlay-compatible device, listened to on AirPods, or any other iPhone earbuds. Naturally, users can also play the sound on the built-in speakers of an iPod, iPhone or iPad. Since the source music is over eight hours long, the sequence can easily carry a person through an entire night of sleep and provide a refreshing break at any point in the day. Sleep by Max Richter is an iPhone app that’s available in the App Store for free and works with either an Apple Music or Spotify subscription.

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