The Tesla App Has A New Self-Diagnostic Feature

Tesla’s app is already a useful EV companion app for drivers and it’s now getting better at dealing with user service requests as well.

Tesla’s mobile app can do many things and it looks like it is now gaining the ability to better help with issues by performing additional diagnostics on its own. With Tesla’s line of electric vehicles so heavily invested in technology, it is not a surprise that the app is a fundamental part of owning one. In fact, opting out of using the Tesla mobile app can significantly reduce the perks of owning a Tesla.

The Tesla app is available to download on either Android or iOS devices and is free to use. Once downloaded and signed in to a Tesla account, the app can be used to check various aspects of the vehicle. For example, how much battery the EV has remaining and even guestimate how far the remaining battery life will get in terms of range. It is also possible to lock and unlock the vehicle with the app as well as control various elements of the in-car experience.


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It also now looks like the app is in the process of gaining the ability to run diagnostics on a vehicle to help confirm a problem the user has already reported. Tesla has yet to officially announce the feature, but Tesla_Adri spotted the iOS version in action and provided a few screenshots to show how it looks and works. According to the Tweet, the feature first surfaced a few weeks ago at the code level but has now been switched on inside the app.

Tesla Improving Its In-App Service Experience

Tesla app iOS options

The app already comes with some elements of service support. For example, it has the ability for the driver to schedule a service or request roadside assistance in emergencies. The new self-diagnostics feature appears to be specifically designed to build on these situations. For example, once the driver has scheduled a service, the app will be able to run its own diagnostics to get information on the problem. Once the check has been completed, the app will then be able to confirm whether the problem exists and if a service is actually needed. According to Tesla_Adrithe feature is automatically triggered when scheduling a service for certain categories, which suggests that it might not always be used when scheduling a service in general.

Again, the Tesla app is already capable of using diagnostic and location data to help its drivers, but the new feature should make it possible to provide additional information to the driver (and Tesla), and potentially even uncover any additional issues the driver might be facing. At the very least, if a Tesla driver feels there’s something wrong with the vehicle, but is unsure of whether it really needs a service, the new self-diagnostics feature will be able to provide some reassurance by confirming the problem

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Source: Tesla_Adri/Twitter

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