The 5 Best Places to Put Your Smart Speaker

Living with smart speakers such as an Amazon Echo and Google Nest make your life a lot easier, as these devices are voice-activated to complete daily tasks. These smart speakers also have a modern and sophisticated design to complement any room they are in.

You probably have placed the device where it gets the most use. However, factors such as loud noises, water, and germs are often overlooked when deciding upon a location which can result in an underperforming speaker. To help avoid these issues, here are some of the best places to put your smart speaker.

1. Bedroom

How many things do you need to do before you go to sleep? You’ll need to turn off the lights, set an alarm, maybe play a bit of music to help you relax, and more. But with a smart speaker, all you need to do is say “good night” and that can trigger a routine in which your device will do all of that for you. So that means you do not have to worry as much, and can hop into bed feeling more comfortable.

That’s not the only thing, you can also use your smart speakers to help create a bedtime routine for you or your children. So not only does it look good on your bedside table, your device can wake you up, and soothe you to bed with ease.


2. Kitchen

Another great spot to place your voice-activated smart speaker is in the kitchen. These devices are beneficial when it comes to cooking as they can help you create the perfect meal for your family by finding recipes and giving you step-by-step instructions.

This is not the only way that smart speakers can be of assistance in the kitchen. They can also be used to set cooking timers, turn on other kitchen appliances, and create grocery lists.

Although the kitchen is a useful spot to place your smart speaker, keep in mind that if it is placed too close to cooking appliances, it could overheat. Similarly, if it is near food or water, spills could cause internal damage to the speaker.

3. Living Room

One of the best places to put your smart speaker is in the living room—provided it is not near any windows. This room is one of the most used rooms throughout the house and is usually the same room as the television, radio, or any other entertainment devices. Having a smart speaker in this room allows an easy hands-free way to raise or lower the volume, or switch channels.

Having a smart speaker in the living room is also great when entertaining friends and family. These devices are equipped with party games to keep everyone entertained as well as the ability to connect with Apple Music and Spotify to play your favorite tunes while you relax with company.

4. Home Office

With many more of us working from home, it is a smart idea to place one of these devices in your home office.

A work schedule can be easily created and managed using your smart speaker by setting reminders of due dates and meetings, while also setting timers for lunch breaks. This allows you to plan your work week ahead of time so that you can keep on top of everything and lessen your stress levels.

5. Garage

You might be questioning this choice, but having a smart speaker in your garage is a handy way to save time and help beat the traffic. A lot of people leave their house through their garage when they are driving to work, the grocery shop, or a friend’s house.

If your smart speaker is set up in the garage, you can save time by asking it to switch off the house lights, so you do not have to go into every room and do it yourself. Before you jump into the car, you can also ask your smart speaker about the traffic to find out how long it will take you to get to work. This will save you from getting stuck in traffic and finding a faster route.

Also, with an additional attachment, you can open the garage door with your voice, which means you can just hop straight in the car and drive out.

Enjoy the Efficiency and Sophistication of Your Smart Speaker

By using these locations as a helpful guide, you will be able to place your smart speaker in a spot that is easily accessible while helping you achieve your daily tasks.

Plus, the modern designs of these devices will help give your room an extra touch of sophistication

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