The 3 Best Synthesizer Apps You Can Play on Your iPhone for Free

Many synthesizer enthusiasts are always looking for new sounds and new software. Before the days of MIDI keyboards, you needed to buy a new physical keyboard to get different sounds, and many enthusiasts did. Now, many keyboards are virtual and you can get new sounds with a simple download.

But what about mobile users? After all, there is an app for everything, and synthesizers are no exception. If you’re looking for a free synthesizer app for your iPhone or iPad, there are several great options available. Give these apps a try and see what exciting songs you can create with mobile synthesizers.

1. Reason Compact

Reason is a popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that many Mac and PC users to create high-quality songs. Reason also has a mobile app called Reason Compact. While the mobile version of Reason doesn’t get the same recognition as the desktop version, it’s an amazing app packed with great features.

Reason has high-quality in-house synthesizers. The most popular synthesizer, Europa, is available on the mobile version. This synth features bold sounds and plenty of customization features, so you can craft something unique.

With Reason Compact’s chord feature, you can generate unique chords without needing vast musical knowledge. You can also record your synth sounds right in the app and export your sounds to the desktop version of Reason. It’s because of this that Reason Compact is one of the top iPhone apps for musicians.


Reason Compact also features easy-to-read tutorials and tips about creating sounds. This will help you become a better musician, making this a great app for beginners and veterans alike.

Download: Reason Compact (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Groovebox

Groovebox is a beat and synth studio designed for making hip-hop beats on the go. If you’re a hip-hop producer and want some new and interesting synthesizers, consider getting Groovebox on your iPhone.

Groovebox has partnered with Novation, a company known for its high-quality synthesizer sounds. This makes Groovebox one of the top apps for playing synthesizer sounds as well and it’s so much more than a beat-making app.

This app features synth instruments and automation controls, so you can make some great sounds. There are also new sound packs added frequently, giving you plenty of opportunities to discover new sounds and get new ideas along the way.

Download: Groovebox (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer

audiokit synth one

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer is a synth app that’s been around for a while. Some of its sounds were designed by producers for artists like Kanye West, Rihanna, and M83. Because of this, AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer has the best sounds available on mobile devices.

Packed with features like a Hybrid Analog synth, a 16-step sequencer, and TouchPads, you can get all your synth sounds and features in this one app. There are also over 300 ready-to-go presents, so you can play interesting sounds right away.

While it lacks recording features, you can export your synth presents so you don’t lose your custom creations. AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer works best for live playing, so you can also record your live performances elsewhere. You can also get a MIDI keyboard and play it with AudioKit.

Download: AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer (Free)

Powerful Sounds From a Small Device

Just a decade ago, you needed a large keyboard and extra modules to make amazing synthesizer sounds. Now, you can make amazing sounds with your iPhone or iPad. Being a fraction of the size of traditional equipment, it really is impressive to see how far mobile technology has come.

You don’t need thousands of dollars of expensive equipment to make great synth sounds. With these iPhone apps, you can make great synthesized music and take your creations and ideas wherever you go. That way, you can brainstorm and come up with ideas without being in the studio, or even record your next hit right from your phone.


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