Tasker 6.0 beta makes it easier to get started with one of Android’s best power-user apps

Tasky wants to help you more easily navigate that steep learning curve

Tasker is a very Powerful tool, and once you’ve learned how it works and configured all the automated tasks to your liking, it can quite literally change the way you use your phone. But there’s been one big problem hanging over it since it was first released in 2010 — it can be just real hard for beginners to get into it, let alone learn to use it optimally. Thankfully, the new 6.0 Tasker beta is finally looking to do something about that, introducing a new UI to give novice users a stepping stone before they dive into a full-fat Tasker.

Cutely dubbed “Tasky,” this simplified UI was announced in the app’s official Reddit forum, and while it’s not nearly as feature-rich as full-on Tasker, it’s not meant to be — rather, it’s supposed to be a friendlier introduction to the app, easing you in with hundreds of pre-built routines (complete with customization options).


Upon first running the app, users will be presented with the option to choose between either Tasky, if you’re a beginner, or full-on Tasker if you’re experienced and feel up for something maybe a little more daunting. After accepting the terms and disabling all battery optimizations, you’ll be able to choose from a list of pre-made routines.

The new, simplified “Tasky” (left, center) vs full Tasker (right).

While you could very well keep using Tasker the Tasky way, the app does gives you the option to make the jump to the full version whenever you feel like it. Even better — you can hold onto the routines you were using from Tasky, and if you want to, you can see how they work under the hood and maybe even use that new knowledge to create your own. Similarly, you always change your mind about full tasker and shift over to Tasky whenever you want.

If you’re curious to give this a try, you can sign up for the latest Tasker beta to get it through the Google Play Store, or use the download link provided by the developer.

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