Portal Demake Remakes Valve’s Puzzle Game for Nintendo 64

Although Portal arrived 11 years after the N64 debuted (and five years after the GameCube, the N64’s replacement, was released) a talented developer is slowly pulling off the seemingly impossible task of recreating the classic puzzle game working on Nintendo’s first 3D console—and it doesn’t look half bad. Creating demokes of popular graphically-intense modern video … Read more

PlayStation Plus Premium Games Catalog confirmed

We’ve been hearing rumors about a PlayStation Plus expansion for a while, and now we finally know exactly what games will be available with the new Essential, Extra, and Deluxe/Premium tiers. The new Essential tier mimics what we already have with PlayStation Plus, while the upgraded Extra tier also includes an instant game catalog that … Read more

Kingdom Heart Cloud Versions Get ‘Busy Servers’ Warning

Once, long ago, buying and playing a video game was pretty easy. You bought the disc or cart, stuck it in the console, and hit play. Not so much anymore. Case in point: The not-so-great cloud-streaming-only versions of Kingdom Hearts released on Switch earlier this year recently got an update, and now feature a warning … Read more

In Microsoft’s Activision deal, a future world is at stake

A crowd waits for a video presentation at the Activision booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California. Jonathan Alcorn | Reuters There was some head-scratching across the big tech and gaming worlds in January when Microsoft announced an agreement to buy Activision Blizzard, a leading videogame publisher, for $68.7 … Read more

Fan Is Making His Own Metroid 64 Game, Nintendo Be Damned

The Metroid series took a little nap during the N64 era, with Nintendo unable/unwilling to release a single home console game between the success of the SNES’ Super Metroid in 1994 and the GameCube’s Metroid Prime in 2002. So a fan is stepping in—and back in time—to make one for themselves. What you’re seeing here … Read more

The Queen’s 24 Karat Gold Nintendo Wii Is Finally Up For Sale

In 2009, THQ pulled a publicity stunt by covering a Nintendo Wii in 24 karat gold and trying to get it delivered to Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty never actually got her hands on the console, but now, after a year of hijinx auction, you might be able to. I actually wrote about this last … Read more

Ms. Pac-Man clears path to World Video Game Hall of Fame

ROCHESTER, NY (AP) — More than 40 years after blazing a trail for female video game characters, Ms. Pac-Man was inducted Thursday into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, along with Dance Dance Revolution, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Sid Meier’s Civilization. The Hall of Fame considers electronic games of all … Read more

Wonderlands Crossplay Still Broken, So Just Buy A New Console

Image: Gearbox / Xbox / Kotaku Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was released on March 25. At launch, the game suffered from numerous server issues and problems with lag. Eventually, a lot of that was fixed. However, 38 days later, crossplay across certain platforms is still a mess. And so, tired of waiting for the crossplay woes … Read more

Fandoms Unite for Midwest Gaming Classic

Stretch out your thumbs, Milwaukee, because the Midwest Gaming Classic is returning to the Wisconsin Center this weekend for its 21st year of (coin) operation. Whether you’re a fan of brand new consoles and e-sports, or prefer all things retro, approximately 15,000 gaming fans will come together Downtown from Friday-Sunday to celebrate the culture of … Read more