Apple expands fintech ambitions in iOS 16

Apple Pay Later Courtesy: Apple Inc. Apple is turning into a fintech company. The company announced several new features for the iPhone’s Wallet app at its developers conference Monday that directly compete with products from other fintech companies such as Affirm and PayPal. The big one: a buy now, pay later service called Apple Pay … Read more

iOS 16 for iPhone announced

Apple will allow users to edit and recall iMessages Apple has added three major features to its messaging app, Messages. If the message is an iMessage, not an SMS text, then users will be able to edit messages, recall messages sent by mistake, and snooze texts so users can handle them later. These small tweaks … Read more

Apple WWDC 2022 preview: New iOS, MacOS expected

Apple CEO Tim Cook will present the latest versions of Apple’s software for iPhones, iPads, Mac, Watch, and TV on Monday to kick off WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference. The new “bits,” as attendees often call the updates, are the biggest Apple software announcement of the year and set the public strategy for Apple’s platform … Read more

Google, Samsung help Android developers sync fitness data between apps

Google and Samsung have joined hands to give developer an opportunity to sync users’ health and fitness data between Android apps and their devices. Called ‘Health Connect’, the platform and API (application programming interface) is for Android app developers to securely access users’ health data. With user permission, developers can use a single set of … Read more

Use the Google App to Make Your iPhone Work More Like an Android

Photo: DenPhotos (Shutterstock) The Google app for iPhone doesn’t get enough credit. No, it’s going to suddenly turn your iPhone into an Android flagship, but it will give you instant access to some of the Google features that make Android flagships so great, and you can adjust your settings to make your Apple phone work … Read more

BeReal is the latest buzzy social media app trying to go mainstream

Zoom In IconArrows pointing outwards BeReal | Jessica Bursztynsky Popular social media apps come and go with frequency, as developers try to find the next big that will go viral with Gen Z users. Most flame out long before reaching the status of an Instagram or Snapchat. Among the newbies gaining steam and aiming to … Read more

US judge gives Apple 21 days to respond to Cydia’s amended lawsuit

A US judge has denied Apple’s appeal to dismiss an amended antitrust lawsuit filed by the creator of Cydia, an app store for jailbroken iPhones, giving the iPhone maker 21 days to respond to the complaint, the media reported. California District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers denied Apple’s motion to dismiss the case, reports The Verge. … Read more

Apple Stock Can’t Keep Up With the Market. iPhone Doubts May Be Why.

Text size Apple shares slipped as most tech stocks rose on Wednesday. Getty Images Investors are getting a little jittery about the outlook for Apple iPhone sales. Apple (ticker: AAPL) generates more than half of its revenue from the smartphones, without even counting the billions of dollars brought in by the App Store and the … Read more

Google Street View App Update, Waze Gets Apple Music

Google’s Street View can take you back in time, just like the DeLorean. Image: Google After 15 years, Google Street View has become the defacto destination for people trying to get a feel for where they’re going. If not for Street View, I would have spent countless days and nights wandering around foreign locales, wondering … Read more