Proven tips to run your branding campaigns on a budget

GUEST OPINION: Branding is an essential part of operating a successful business. It sets your business apart in a competitive landscape and makes your products recognizable. But small organizations often struggle with money constraints when it comes to running successful campaigns. However, you cannot skip on them if you expect to stay in the race. … Read more

Rolling out SD-WAN? Here’s how to quantify ROI & business value

How can you be sure you are getting the most ROI for your network transformation and modernization projects with SD-WAN? Test and you shall perceive. Validation is key to ensuring SD-WAN services meet your expectations of cost savings in network operation, faster deployment, efficient load balancing, and increased performance. This is also how the IT … Read more

Reliable access to broadband, mobile, landline services in focus for ACCAN conference

Ensuring that consumers have reliable access to broadband, mobile and landline services, no matter where they live in Australia is the focus for the upcoming 2022 Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) conference under the theme Better Basics. ACCAN says the aim of this year’s conference – to be held online on September 14 – … Read more

Portworx by Pure Storage recognised as the leader in Kubernetes Storage for three consecutive years by GigaOm

COMPANY NEWS: Pure Storage and Portworx by Pure Storage identified in GigaOm Radar Reports for leadership in Enterprise Kubernetes Storage and Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage Pure Storage®the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, today announced it was named the leader for the third two year in the GigaOm … Read more

Dubber Launches on NUWAVE’s iPILOT Platform for Global Integration with Microsoft Teams

COMPANY NEWS: Dubber Corporation Limited (Dubber) announced that it has signed a Foundation Partner agreement with Nuwave Communications, Inc. (NUWAVE). NUWAVE, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the fastest growing providers of Microsoft voice services in North America and a key player in the Microsoft Operator Connect calling program. Dubber Unified Conversational Recording … Read more

iTWire – Workday completes IRAP Assessment

COMPANY NEWS: Workday, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, today announced it had completed an Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment at the “PROTECTED” level, allowing Workday customers to securely process data, in compliance with the IRAP assessment guidelines. This completion assessment follows Workday’s recent appointment to the … Read more

Test if you’re prepared for hackers with breach and attack simulation

GUEST OPINION: Breach and Attack Simulation is the tool that evaluates the strength of your cybersecurity by simulating attacks against your system. As Chief Security Officer Window Snyder states, “One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs.” Unless you get targeted by hackers, how can you know whether your system has weaknesses that could be … Read more

Metronet deploys Nokia PON technology

US fiber-optic network provider Metronet deploys Nokia’s next-generation PON technology to deliver 10GBps speeds to subscribers with an upgrade path to 25G. Nokia says Metronet will roll out XGS-PON in eight new markets with more communities planned. Metronet operates fiber-to-the-premise networks connecting homes, businesses, and cities with gigabit speeds that support applications such as HD … Read more

New Report Shows What Data Is Most at Risk to and Prized by Ransomware Attackers

A new report reveals how attackers think, what they value, and how they apply the most pressure on victims. The report released today by Rapid7 investigates the trend, pioneered by the Maze ransomware group, of double extortion, examining the contents of initial data disclosures intended to coerce victims to pay ransoms. Titled “Ransomware Data Disclosure … Read more

How managed backup and recovery solutions ensure business resilience

GUEST OPINION: Utilizing technology will play a huge role in improving your upper hand in this competitive marketplace. However, incorporating technological advancement into your business operations may expose you to various cyber threats and related issues. Over the last few years, cyber threats have advanced in efficiency and complexity, making it necessary for business owners … Read more