Use the Google App to Make Your iPhone Work More Like an Android

Photo: DenPhotos (Shutterstock) The Google app for iPhone doesn’t get enough credit. No, it’s going to suddenly turn your iPhone into an Android flagship, but it will give you instant access to some of the Google features that make Android flagships so great, and you can adjust your settings to make your Apple phone work … Read more

Google Street View App Update, Waze Gets Apple Music

Google’s Street View can take you back in time, just like the DeLorean. Image: Google After 15 years, Google Street View has become the defacto destination for people trying to get a feel for where they’re going. If not for Street View, I would have spent countless days and nights wandering around foreign locales, wondering … Read more

New Xbox Patent Sounds Cool For People Buying Games On Disc

Photo: Luke Plunkett Microsoft have applied for a patent that, while not a perfect solution for every gripe you may have with modern consoles and digital ownershipmay nevertheless be a great step forward for anyone who has a catalog of games they own on disc but have bought (or are thinking of buying) a digital-only … Read more

Portal Demake Remakes Valve’s Puzzle Game for Nintendo 64

Although Portal arrived 11 years after the N64 debuted (and five years after the GameCube, the N64’s replacement, was released) a talented developer is slowly pulling off the seemingly impossible task of recreating the classic puzzle game working on Nintendo’s first 3D console—and it doesn’t look half bad. Creating demokes of popular graphically-intense modern video … Read more

Kingdom Heart Cloud Versions Get ‘Busy Servers’ Warning

Once, long ago, buying and playing a video game was pretty easy. You bought the disc or cart, stuck it in the console, and hit play. Not so much anymore. Case in point: The not-so-great cloud-streaming-only versions of Kingdom Hearts released on Switch earlier this year recently got an update, and now feature a warning … Read more

Why You Should Do a Factory Reset on All Your Older Tech

Photo: Neirfy (Shutterstock) Think about the tech in your life. Your phone, full of messages and photos; your computer, a perfectly balanced chaos of work and entertainment; Your game console, with half-played games maxing out the internal storage. Your tech is well-used, and that’s a good thing. Now, delete it. Nuke your hard drives. Reset … Read more

The Queen’s 24 Karat Gold Nintendo Wii Is Finally Up For Sale

In 2009, THQ pulled a publicity stunt by covering a Nintendo Wii in 24 karat gold and trying to get it delivered to Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty never actually got her hands on the console, but now, after a year of hijinx auction, you might be able to. I actually wrote about this last … Read more

GBA Kit Turns Handheld into TV Console With No Soldering

Got an original Game Boy Advance, the one with the unlit screen that was almost impossible to see, still kicking around in a drawer somewhere? This DIY kit lets you turn it into a standalone TV-connected console with HDMI and Bluetooth for wireless controllers, but without the need for any know-how when it comes to … Read more

Comcast, Charter Form 900 Million Dollar Streaming Venture

Comcast’s Flex streaming set-top box will be your gateway to its platform. Image: Comcast Comcast and Charter Communications (Spectrum, to many of you)two cable TV giants, have announced They’re forming a joint venture to create a “next-generation streaming platform” for branded streaming devices and Smart TVs. The goal for the two companies is to position … Read more

Google Play Data Safety Section Says How Android Uses User Data

Google Play’s new Data Safety section can help you navigate which apps are worth the download.Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo The Google Play Data Safety section has started to roll out in the Play Store. The new area of ​​the Play Store will show you the kind of data an Android app is accessing and … Read more