Metronet deploys Nokia PON technology

Metronet deploys Nokia PON technology

US fiber-optic network provider Metronet deploys Nokia’s next-generation PON technology to deliver 10GBps speeds to subscribers with an upgrade path to 25G. Nokia says Metronet will roll out XGS-PON in eight new markets with more communities planned. Metronet operates fiber-to-the-premise networks connecting homes, businesses, and cities with gigabit speeds that support applications such as HD … Read more

New Report Shows What Data Is Most at Risk to and Prized by Ransomware Attackers

A new report reveals how attackers think, what they value, and how they apply the most pressure on victims. The report released today by Rapid7 investigates the trend, pioneered by the Maze ransomware group, of double extortion, examining the contents of initial data disclosures intended to coerce victims to pay ransoms. Titled “Ransomware Data Disclosure … Read more

How managed backup and recovery solutions ensure business resilience

GUEST OPINION: Utilizing technology will play a huge role in improving your upper hand in this competitive marketplace. However, incorporating technological advancement into your business operations may expose you to various cyber threats and related issues. Over the last few years, cyber threats have advanced in efficiency and complexity, making it necessary for business owners … Read more

Regulator ACMA targets SMS and identity theft phone scams as compliance priorities

Telecommunications industry regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will focus on combating SMS and identity theft phone scams as part of its priorities for 2022–23. The ACMA warns that phone scams have severe financial and social impacts on Australians and it will be enforcing new rules that require telcos to use stronger ID … Read more

A digital revolution: Using virtual healthcare to deliver whole employee wellbeing

As the Australian healthcare crisis rises to become a key agenda item for the new Prime Minister, outside of the physical constraints of the system, it’s the perfect opportunity to observe and leverage the solutions that digital or virtual healthcare can offer. Prior to COVID-19 growth in virtual healthcare, adoption was slow, but as the … Read more

Huawei and International Union for Conservation of Nature urge green technology adoption to protect the environment

Huawei director of the board and director of corporate sustainable development committee Tao Jingwen Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei and the International Union for Conservation of Nature are calling for the need to adopt and deploy new and green technologies that could better protect the planet. In line with the theme of Only One Earth … Read more

Singtel’s 5G to power Singapore MotoCross Beach Race livestream

Singaporean telecommunications company Singtel will power the first fully livestreamed outdoor event of Singapore MotoCross Beach Race over its 5G network from Sentosa this weekend. As part of the 5G@Sentosa program, Singtel partnered with IMDA and SGMX, to fully stream the event on 5G. Singtel claims the event will mark the first time in Singapore … Read more

F5 and Telstra strengthen their services and security solutions

American technology company F5 and Telstra have partnered to bolster their services and solutions. F5’s partnership with Telstra spans 20 years. The ongoing partnership sees F5 provide security and application delivery services to Telstra’s network infrastructure solutions to enhance reliability and security, and help customers realise these benefits. The partnership creates extended opportunities to deliver … Read more

Nokia launches 5G Innov Lab platform in France

Finnish telecommunications vendor Nokia has launched the 5G Innov Lab platform as part of the France Recovery plan with the objective of testing and integrating 5G industrial uses, using an open and transversal approach, and bringing innovation companies. The 5G Innov Lab platform will bring Airbus Secure Land Communications, Augmented Acoustics, Digital Immersion, IMT, SNEF … Read more

How technology & transformation are putting the T’s together in OTT

GUEST OPINION: Digital transformation has impacted practically every industry, and the entertainment industry is no exception to this category. Over the last decade, the way people consume entertainment has completely transformed. The OTT market continues to witness a change in how users consume and interact with content, and the pandemic accelerated their growth trajectory even … Read more