Star Trek Online Season 25 Is Now Available On Consoles


Perfect World Entertainment has released new content for Star Trek Online as Season 25 comes to both Xbox and PlayStation. The season continues the Mirror Universe storyline with Shadows Advance, which features the Terran forces led by Marshall Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) kidnapping someone who is of great importance from Jupiter Station in Federation space. You’ll be paired up with two unlikely allies as you’ll have the Mirror Universe version of Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman(and Admiral Leeta)Chase Masterson) as they retell the events of what happened from their perspective. You can play the season’s content right now as soon as you update the game.

Credit: Perfect World Entertainment

Shadow’s Advance also continues the festivities for Star Trek Online‘s 12th anniversary, which kicked off last month on PC. To celebrate the game’s original release in 2010, the devs have brought back the Omega Molecule Stabilization mission to help players earn this year’s anniversary ship, the T6 Jarok Alliance Carrier. A full list of features available in today’s console update includes:

  • New Featured Episode: In the new episode “Redshift,” players will team up with Marshal Janeway and her Terran forces to capture an important individual from a secure facility.
  • New Task Force Operation: Today’s season introduces a brand new five-captain space TFO called “Iuppiter Iratus.” Players will need to assemble a team of five and stop the Terran Empire from stealing data from Jupiter Station.
  • Anniversary Event: Back by popular demand, the devs have released the Omega Molecule Stabilization mission, which tasks players with stabilizing Omega molecules which Q has scattered throughout the galaxy. Participating in this event along with numerous episodes and TFOs associated with the Mirror Universe, will unlock this year’s anniversary ship, the T6 Jarok Alliance Carrier.
  • Featured Star Trek Actors: Star Trek Online is excited to welcome Kate Mulgrew to the game, who originated the role of Captain Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager. Players will also team up with the vicious Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman from Star Trek: Discovery) and Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) who was recently featured in the last season, Reflections.

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