Smartphones these days have so many features, but does anyone actually use them?

Once upon a time, there was a catchy slogan used by a certain fruit company to prove a point. “There’s an app for that” was more than something that was just said in endless numbers of commercials. It meant that, even though iPhones were woefully behind in features when compared to Android phones, any app available in the Apple App Store would, doubtless, make up for the difference.

These days, iOS is little more than another flavor of Android; a reality that becomes more and more apparent with each passing year. At least another 10 Android features can be found (opens in new tab) in iOS 16, and the same story applies nearly every year. Sometimes, these features are ones that Google thought weren’t a good fit for its best smartphones (opens in new tab) and removed years ago. Other times, they are iterations on Google’s approach and turn out for the better.

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