Samsung Wallet vs. Google Wallet

For years, Google Pay and Samsung Pay have competed against one another. Then Google rebranded Google Pay to Google Wallet, only for Samsung to do the same with Samsung Wallet about a month later. Both now offer digital passes as well as their original payment systems; and for Samsung phone owners, you can download both. So when it comes to Google Wallet vs. Samsung Wallet, we’ll break down the similarities and differences so you know which one to pick.

Google Wallet vs. Google Wallet Samsung Wallet availability

Google Wallet availability

(Image credit: Google)

First off, you need to know if you can even use these services where you are. First off, Google Wallet will be available in 40 countries. Our linked explainer lists the countries, but if Google Pay was available in your country, it will most likely convert directly to Google Wallet without you having to do anything. The exceptions are the US and Singapore — where Google Wallet and Google Pay will be two separate apps — and India, which will continue to use GPay and forego Wallet.

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