Samsung SmartThings users are now able to sort scenes in the widget any way they like

We’re really wondering why this wasn’t a thing before

If you have geared up your house with smart home appliances and you’ve got a Samsung phone, you’ve probably used the SmartThings app at some point. It lets you manage all of your gadgets individually or group them into “scenes,” which are presented as a way to quickly control how and when certain automations are active. And if you use the app’s widget for toggling your SmartThings scenes, you’ll be glad to know that a new update is adding the ability to rearrange them to your liking.

As reported by SamMobile, the newest update to the SmartThings app is adding options to re-arrange items in the scenes widget. You can sort scenes you’ve created in alphabetical order (AZ) or in a chronological one depending on when they were created. You also have the option to change things around manually if you’d rather do things your way. If you’ve got more scenes than you can handle on one screen, this ability to sort can come in pretty handy — you can move the most important or frequently-used ones up to the top for easier, quicker access.


This joins the app’s existing customization options, and quite frankly, this looks like a pretty major thing it should’ve already had. It’s just basic item sorting. But alas, it’s better late than never — have a chat with Chromebook users who aren’t able to sort their app drawer after all these years and see how they feel about the mess they have to deal with.

If you’d like to check it out, make sure to download the latest version of the SmartThings app on the Google Play Store. It might take a few days for scene sorting roll out to everyone, though, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it just yet.


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