Roku OS 11 introduces an enhanced home screen experience, Photo Streams, and audio improvements

Coming soon to your nearest Roku device


Roku OS is the largest smart TV platform in the US, with over 60.1 million subscribers at the end of 2021. This is despite the limelight being hogged mainly by Google TV and Amazon’s Fire TV devices. While Roku is seemingly focusing on making its own TVs, it has not forgotten about its smart TV OS. The company has announced the release of Roku OS 11 today with several major new features and customization options like Roku Photo Streams, Roku Audio, and new sound modes.

Roku Photo Streams is one of the key new features of the latest version of the OS and allows you to create personalized screensavers using your own photos. You just need to upload the photos directly to your Roku streaming box through a connected PC or mobile phone. You’ll be able to create and share Streams with your friends and family using a Roku device, where all your uploaded photos will show up. Shared users will also be able to add their own pictures to the Stream.


Roku OS 11 aims to improve the home screen by enhancing content discovery. There’s a new What to Watch category on the home screen where movies and TV shows from various sources will be shown. It also contains a section highlighting newly added content and provides recommendations based on popularity and user feedback.


Roku OS 11 will further enhance the live TV viewing experience by surfacing your recently watched live TV content and the latest local and national news, sports, movies, and more in the Live TV section. There are new visual elements in the OS to help you get more out of your subscriptions — they will provide information on which channels are streaming your preferred content and whether you can watch it for free through your existing subscription.


The Roku mobile app is also being improved as a part of the update and will display images of cast and crew in the content details sections. Additionally, it is gaining support for a calibration tool for selected players and streambars to help fix audio and video sync issues. The Roku Voice-enabled keyboard is being improved, too, with the addition of support for Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Roku’s audio products are being improved as a part of the update as well. They will gain a new speech clarity setting so you can listen to dialogues clearly along with new sound modes like Standard, Dialogue, Movie, Music, and Night for Roku Streambars and speakers.

Roku OS 11 will start rolling out to all Roku streaming boxes and TVs in the coming weeks.


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