Reddit users report music or media pauses when opening app on iOS

Reddit is one of the biggest social platforms in the world. The service offers a bunch of communities (or ‘Subreddits’) dedicated to almost any topic.

Reddit users can find useful information or entertainment on a specific topic. For instance, gamers will find Subreddits for all the popular games.

Users of almost any type of device from different brands also have their own Subreddits where they can find tips, solutions to problems, personal experiences and more.

Reddit users can access all of their content through the website or through dedicated apps. The apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.

However, currently Reddit users on iOS devices are facing issues when they open the app while listening to music.

More specifically, it appears that playing music or media pauses when users open the Reddit app on iOS devices.

Reddit iOS app pauses music or media playing from other services

According to multiple reports, there is a bug where any playing music or media pauses when users open the Reddit app on iOS.

The issue seems to affect any media or music that is being played from any other app. There are reports from Reddit users where the app stopped playing media on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and others.


The bug also affects services like SoundCloud, YouTube, and even PiP (picture in picture) mode.


Third-party clients also affected, the possible cause of the problem

In addition, not only the official Reddit app for iOS is affected by the problem. External clients like Apollo also experience the same bug.


A Redditor has weighed in on what could be the cause of the problem in question:

I think it’s because the Reddit app is saying to the system that the loading screen makes a noise. This probably makes the music stop.

Also, other users reported having always had similar issues with the Reddit app:

This app has always been terrible for me when playing music. Yes there’s the current bug, but I normally have to turn off audio on videos every time I open the app to avoid pausing, and if I turn the volume up or down at all it turns video audio back on. Reddit app is garbage.

Potential workarounds

There is still no official acknowledgment of the issue from the Reddit team. That said, there are some workarounds that reportedly help mitigate the bug.

First, you can try disabling the Reddit app’s ‘Autoplay videos/gifs’ toggle:

I think you need to toggle off “Autoplay videos/gifs” in the settings

As an alternative, you can also activate the ‘quiet audio’ mode in the app settings:

There’s also a quiet audio mode setting – maybe try that as well? Other than that I’m all out of answers!! Sorry. Hope you manage to get it sorted, I know how incredibly annoying it is.

Finally, you can press the sound icon that appears on the screen when a video starts playing on Reddit app. However, you will have to do this for every video.

Go to a video on your feed, then click the sound icon. Once you hear audio from the video press the sound icon again, the sound from the video will stop and the audio you were listening to should start. Works for now until there’s an actual fix.

We will update this story as events unfold.

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