Pokemon Fan Makes Free Pokedex App for Android Devices

The Pokemon franchise continues to be a popular property, with it allowing for an endless amount of creativity for many to explore. Fans have shown a variety of creations over the years that have been inspired by the franchise, such as Pokemon crossover fan art, animations, and more. There’s no shortage of fanmade works from the fanbase, not limited to any medium.

One of the most iconic aspects of the franchise is the tool that helps Pokemon Trainers all over the world, the Pokedex. It’s a database that provides players with information on their favorite creatures and how they act in the Pokemon world. It also gives other basic information such as the Pokemon’s height, weight, cry, location, and other facts. One fan decided to make an extensive real-world equivalent, which can be used by Android users.


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This app, known as Pokedexus, was created by Reddit user u/moody95, who states that they’ve been working on it for the last two years. It is a fanmade Pokedex application that is an extensive encyclopedia for the entire franchise. It covers everything that has currently been released, such as all 898 Pokemon, including their regional variants and game versions. This includes the most important elements of each creature, such as the moves it can learn, generations it can be found in, and more.

Other aspects in this Pokedex covers things are the regions in Pokemon, Items, Abilities, and more. Aside from it being a Pokemon database, it also offers a variety of side activities that fans can participate in. This includes being able to catch Pokemon, participating in a variety of quests, trainer quiz battles, and other live events. There are even leaderboards that players can be a part of, such as competing against other trainers or vote for the most popular Pokemon.

Players can customize their profile, which can include their name, gender, and avatar. This Pokemon application is free to download through the Google Play store, exclusive to Android devices. Unlike other free-to-play applications, it doesn’t contain any in-game ads or monetization methods. It does require an internet connection in order to download the images and animations that need to be called up within the app itself. A lot of fans on the subreddit praised this application, with many enjoying the many things it had to offer, such as the Pokemon quizzes, extensive information covered, and more.

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Source: Reddit, Google Play

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