From birthday gift to iPhone’s most popular apps

Our social networking habits have become all too familiar. We open up our app, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We scroll our feeds. We like the photos of our friends and family and tell them how cute their dog is or send them a happy birthday message. The app Locket, which has climbed the … Read more

Smart Home Displays Market 2022 to Witness Huge Growth By 2029

New Jersey, USA,-The latest report released by Market Research Intellect presents a thorough analysis of the global Smart Home Displays market. This research report assesses the ever-changing market dynamics that are expected to affect the trajectory of the overall market. Analysts studied the historical performance of the market and compared it to the current market … Read more

Medusa Android Banking Trojan Spreading Through Flubot’s Attacks Network

Two different Android banking Trojans, FluBot and Medusa, are relying on the same delivery vehicle as part of a simultaneous attack campaign, according to new research published by ThreatFabric. The ongoing side-by-side infections, facilitated through the same smishing (SMS phishing) infrastructure, involved the overlapping usage of “app names, package names, and similar icons,” the Dutch … Read more

Soccer On Switch Consoles Just Got A Lot Better

If you’re like our dear friend and colleague David Moore, you’re still playing Wii Sports every week on your dilapidated Wii, reliving the glory days of motion-control gaming. Or maybe you’ve still got that old GameCube working so you can play Super Mario Strikers when you grow tired of the FIFA grind. Well, my friends, … Read more

Apple makes using alternative payment systems in apps tricky • The Register

Apple’s idea of ​​complying with the law in the Netherlands offers a glimpse of what developers elsewhere have to look forward to if regulators elsewhere succeed in challenging the company’s control of its iOS App Store. Apple is currently trying to fend off lawsuits and proposed legislation around the globe that threatens its stewardship of … Read more

Smart Home Thermostats Market Size And Growth

New Jersey, United States,- This Smart Home Thermostats Market report encompasses an in-depth competitive analysis with the aim of estimating financial growth and maximizing profit potential for the company. It helps in making reasonable investment decisions based on consumer needs. It also forecasts the overall market growth over the years 2022-2029. It displays objective data … Read more

YouTube Music Gets ‘Downloads’ Shortcut on Android App to Quickly Play Songs Offline

YouTube Music has got a Downloads shortcut on the Android app that will allow the users to quickly play songs that they have manually downloaded or are in the playlist that has been generated by the Smart Downloads feature of the app. This offers a faster way to start playing shuffled music on the app, … Read more

CB Radio Buying Guide: 5 Critical Criteria

One of the primary desires of all human beings is effective communication. Consider how many technological innovations, including CB radio, were designed to meet this most basic of needs. We all consider it essential to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. The internet, WiFi, and smartphones were all created to fulfill our unchanging … Read more