How to stop apps from tracking your location on your iPhone or Android phone

The phone that you carry with you every day has access to your location data and knows exactly where you are and exactly where you have been in the past. If you feel that infringes upon your privacy, what is worse, is that there could be many third-party applications accessing this data from your phone. … Read more

Apple bans dangerous app! Delete from your iPhone now, it can call on your behalf, take photos

This dangerous spyware has targeted several iPhone and Android users! Apple has banned the app now. Know what you should do to avoid this spyware on your iPhone. Apple iPhones are being attacked by a most dangerous app, which Apple has now banned. This latest spyware is capable of hacking your iPhone! Google’s Threat Analysis … Read more

New Report Shows What Data Is Most at Risk to and Prized by Ransomware Attackers

A new report reveals how attackers think, what they value, and how they apply the most pressure on victims. The report released today by Rapid7 investigates the trend, pioneered by the Maze ransomware group, of double extortion, examining the contents of initial data disclosures intended to coerce victims to pay ransoms. Titled “Ransomware Data Disclosure … Read more

iPad Weather App is Not the Only Option that You Can Explore | Here are the Best Alternatives to WeatherKit

Apple launched a Weather app on iPad three weeks ago. The application was released in line with the iPadOS 16 improvements. It should be noted that this is the first time the Cupertino giant dropped a special Weather app for the said device. The previous iPad models have no software to track the weather patterns. … Read more

Amazon Photos For Android Gets Green Light As Company Fixes Bug Affecting The Popular App / Digital Information World

Amazon Photos is good to go as before after the company recently announced how it managed to get rid of a major vulnerability that affected the app. Amazon Photos for Android is seen as an immensely popular app on the Google Play Store with a record of more than 50 million downloads so far. For … Read more