Nintendo Switch Sports Proves the Switch Has Plenty of Life Left

For a while, there have been rumors of an upcoming successor to the Nintendo Switch. Some reports have claimed that Nintendo is getting ready to release the Nintendo Switch 2, while others have claimed that an upgrade in the form of a Nintendo Switch Pro is in the works. None of these rumors have been confirmed but, as Nintendo demonstrated during February’s Nintendo Direct event, there may not be a need for a successor just yet. Games showcased, such as Nintendo Switch Sportsillustrate that the console is still capable of churning out new experiences and that its greatest titles might be in the future.


Nintendo Switch Sports is fashioned after Wii Sportsa bestselling game on the Nintendo Wii. Like Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports lets players partake in virtual versions of popular sports such as tennis and boxing. The game makes use of the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities in unique ways and, if Nintendo makes the right moves, it could easily become a blockbuster hit for the hybrid control.

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What is Nintendo Switch Sports?


One of the most successful games on the Nintendo Wii is Wii Sports. The game uses the Wii’s motion-sensing Wii Remote to allow players to control cute virtual versions of themselves as they play sports such as bowling, golf, and baseball to name a few. The game was a hit on the Wii, selling over 82.90 million copies, and this is in part thanks to the fact that the game was bundled with the console in many regions.

As the last Nintendo Direct revealed, Nintendo Switch Sports will use the Nintendo Switch’s motion-sensing joy-con controllers, and it will feature many sports from Wii Sports, as well as new ones, including volleyball and badminton. Much like Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo Switch Sports will allow players to interact with their game in a way that promotes physical activity. For example, when playing soccer, players can strap a joy-con to their leg, and a kicking motion will cause their in-game character to kick the ball.

Nintendo Switch Sports Has a Ton of Potential

A player spiking a volleyball in Nintendo Switch Sports

Although Nintendo Switch Sports It comes over four years into the Switch’s lifespan and is not bundled with the console, it still has the potential to be a bestseller like Wii Sports. During Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that the sports available at launch will not be the only sports players are stuck with and, over time, more sports will be added via DLC. The first additional sport, golf, will be free. With DLC, Nintendo could greatly prolong the lifespan of the game and, should it charge for future sports, it could also be an enormous cash cow.

Many of the things that made Wii Sports popular could work in Nintendo Switch Sports‘ favor now. Gamers locked to Wii Sports because it is a fun way to have indoor social activities with friends and family. Following the recent global pandemic, the desire for indoor social activities is greater than ever, and Nintendo Switch Sports is the perfect game to fill that niche. Wii Sports was also popular because it allows players to keep active while they play games. The astronomic sales of Ring Fit Adventure in recent years demonstrate that the demand for such games has only increased, and this can benefit Nintendo Switch Sports.

Compared to the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S, the Nintendo Switch’s hardware may appear dated. However, this is not a problem for the Switch because it has never strived to offer the best graphics or the most frames per second. Instead, the hybrid console has aimed to provide unique gaming experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. With Nintendo Switch SportsNintendo has proven that it is not quite done innovating with the Switch, and the console is still capable of surprising gamers in interesting ways.

Nintendo Switch Sports Releases on April 29, 2022, on Nintendo Switch.

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