New Xbox Hardware Could Be Announced Later This Year

A new rumor suggests that Microsoft will reveal new Xbox hardware in 2022, but it may be from a different product line than what people expect.

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The Xbox Series X/S is shaping up to be Microsoft’s most successful console. It’s reportedly the fastest-selling Xbox console, despite the stock issues faced by current-gen machines. Xbox Series X sells out almost immediately, so many players are going for an Xbox Series S to play new releases.

Even though Xbox Series X is just over a year old, rumors have started spreading about the next Xbox hardware. A new keyword, Project Keystone, appeared online, and many fans originally believed it to be a codename for the next Xbox console. Xbox Series X was similarly known as Project Scarlett internally, so there may be some truth to this rumor. Now, a new report suggests that Microsoft will announce new hardware this year.


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This information came from the XboxEra podcast and was later reported by Pure Xbox. According to the report, Shpeshal Nick, the show host, claims that Microsoft wants to reveal new Xbox hardware in 2022. This announcement may get delayed for several reasons, so Nick does not want to confirm that it’s happening this year. He does not share any more information about the product, other than stating that it falls into a different bucket than what people expect. This rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, but the XboxEra podcast did have Phil Spencer as a guest on the show, so it seems like Nick is well-connected.


Judging by the product’s description, it would be safe to rule out a possible new console. After all, many aspiring customers still don’t have an Xbox Series X, and it doesn’t look like the stock situation will get resolved anytime soon. Since it falls under a different bracket, some fans believe that it could be a streaming stick for Xbox Game Pass, to allow subscribers to play cloud versions of games via Xbox Cloud Gaming on their TV. While it could be a new VR device for Xbox Series X, Microsoft has not shown much interest in this category of products.

Microsoft could also be working on a new controller that incorporates features present in the PS5 controller. Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers are unique to the DualSense controller, and many third-party are supporting them on launch. It also has gyro aiming, which has gained popularity in the last few years. Owners of both consoles may choose the PS5 version because of these unique features, so it makes sense for Microsoft to reveal a new controller that is as feature-rich as the DualSense. In any case, fans will probably have to wait till later this year, or even early 2023, for this reveal.

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Source: Pure Xbox

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