New App Lets Players Save Their Wordle Stats

A new app on the Apple iOS store allows players to save their stats in a different way compared to the one provided by the New York Times.

The free browser puzzle game Wordle Continues to be a hit, even months after its release. While it was initially launched as a free game by an independent programmer, Josh Wardle, it has since been acquired by The New York Times. Despite worries from fans about Wordle‘s acquisition, the game is still currently free-to-play with some minor changes to the previous version. The transition has been rather slow, as it was only a few months ago that the site left its old URL and has been transferred to the NYT‘s domain.


The latest update from NYT adds a brand-new feature for Wordle fans, which involves linking their NYT account between devices. This feature allows gamers regardless of what platform they are playing on, to save their accomplishments, including their win streak and stats. The other is that with a linked account, fans can play the game across all devices without worrying about losing all their progress if they play on a new device. Not to be outdone, one fan of Wordle released a brand-new app that helps save a player’s history in a slightly different way.

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This app was posted to the r/wordle subreddit by user wingfield (real name Evan Davis), linking to a new iOS app known as Nerdle, not to be confused with the math-based Wordle clone Nerdle, which also happens to be on the iOS App Store. According to the developer, this iOS app is a Safari extension that is used to get a player’s daily game data, along with the aggregate stats, and store them within the app.

When asked what made this app different than what the NYT‘s app does to save a player’s Wordle stats, Davis explains that a NYT‘s account will only save the aggregate stats between sessions and devices. Their app will offer a number of additional features, such as keeping a history of past Wordle games, advanced statistics, and even a function that allows one to overwrite their own stats and guess distributions.

Photos of the app on the storefront show some of the features, such as how to import a player’s raw data history, along with the way it shows a player’s previous guesses from past games. According to the app store’s description, while it is a Safari extension, this useful Wordle tool can only be used once the app has been downloaded. Thankfully, the app also provides a helpful tutorial that will help a player be able to find their stats and adjust their game statuses to however they like.

Wordle is available now via PC or mobile browser.

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