NetEase Games’ Sakura Studio outlines three new titles in development for console

NetEase Games’ Sakura Studio, which was established in July 2020 in both Guangzhou, China and Shibuya, Tokyo, is currently developing three console games, the company announced.

Those include an action RPG in which you go on an adventure with unique allies, a new-style battle game based on a popular series with passionate fans, and an original cooperative action game in which you fight against gigantic enemies.

The company also shared the following concept artworks, but did not specify which of the three titles each artwork belongs to:

Ouka Studio
Ouka Studio
Ouka Studio

Famitsu recently spoke with members of each title’s development team, who confirmed the new projects.

Action RPG

“We’re making a single-player game that can be categorized as an action RPG, in which you can experience the growth of your characters as well as new gameplay elements as you progress through the game or story,” said the team’s Mr. O. “We’re aiming for action that feels good to play, characters that feel lively as you take control, and we’re creating stages that have depth and verticality. I can’t say any details yet, but you’ll surely be surprised when we announce it.”

The team’s Mr. S added, “As for the atmosphere, it is a game in which you’ll go on an adventure in cozy world.”

Mr. S continued, “Since this project requires seamless movement across a vast field, we’re actively utilizing Unreal Engine’s level streaming. Regarding artificial intelligence, we’re actively researching how to efficiently manage the many types of enemy characters and NPCs, how to give them unique personalities, and what kind of environment is necessary for planners to efficacy check. Since we’re not the only project in development, numerous tasks are in progress in sight of future expansion. Such as scalable event management systems and text management systems.”

New-Style Battle Game Based on a Popular Series

“This is a new-style battle game based on a certain series with passionate fans,” said the team’s Mr. E. “Stay tuned for details.”

Cooperative Action Game

“This is a cooperative action game based on an original IP,” said the team’s Mr. J. “You’ll fight villainous, gigantic enemies while utilizing stylish actions that feel good to use. It’s an extremely thrilling game in which you’ll work together as a team to clear it.”

Mr. J added, “We’re developing new game systems to offer an unprecedented gameplay experience. It’s challenging stuff, but we’re tackling it while creating a dedicated system for efficient development. We’re also working on tools related to enemy AI as to implement new battle experiences. Our goal is give both individual users and groups a taste of ‘enemies that challenge and entertain the user,’ and not just create ‘powerful AI.’ In order to do this we are developing tools that determine critical areas and establish destinations, navigation to get there, and cooperation among AI enemies.”

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