Microsoft Your Phone Android Companion App Is Now Phone Link

In an official blog post, Microsoft has announced that it is changing the Your Phone Android phone companion app’s name to Phone Link. This change is coming as a part of the Windows 11 design overhaul.

Your Phone app, now Phone Link, is an app that comes built-in with Windows 11 (previous versions as well) that lets you connect your Android smartphone to your PC.

Using the app, you could easily browse the content present on your phone and even receive call notifications, notifications from messaging apps, and email notifications as well. Microsoft launched the Your Phone app three years ago. The company is now updating the app, and it will be called Phone Link from here on.

Apart from changing the name, there are some subtle changes that Microsoft has made to the Phone Link app. The app places the notification panel at the front. Moreover, the notification tab is now placed and pinned on the left side panel. The Phone Link app also moved the Messages, Photos, Apps, and Calls sections into a navigation bar.

The Phone Link app is now available to download for Windows 11 users

The navigation bar is situated at the top of the Phone Link. Better yet, the notification panel has been made clutter-free and makes it easier to see the important notifications. As far as aesthetics and design changes are concerned, the app includes a color palette. Besides that, the design has been tweaked to match the Windows 11 design language.

There are revamped controls, illustrations, and new icons. Additionally, Microsoft has also rebranded the Your Phone Companion app for Android to Link to Windows. Notably, both apps share the same icon.

Another good thing for users in China is that Microsoft has made the Phone Link app available in China. This is all thanks to the partnership with Honor. If you own the Honor Magic V, Magic 4 series, or Magic 3 series of devices, then you will be happy to know that the Phone Link app now supports the app.

The Phone Link app supports most Samsung handsets and Microsoft’s Surface Duo devices. If you are interested, and you use the Phone Link app on your PC and Android, then it would be good to know that the app is available today.

It will be available with the next Windows 11 update. So, if the update isn’t available for you, then you can head over to the Windows Settings and check for the update. The same goes for the Android companion app, which you can download from the Google Play Store.

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