Latest Google Home update adds new ‘centralized’ smart home privacy controls

Google is launching a new privacy website that allows people to manage the privacy of their homes. Google has updated the Google Home app’s privacy settings. Users may now manage and update their home activity data and controls using the new privacy settings. The new settings are now available in the Google Home app’s current edition. Google has been on a roll recently, launching a new “centralised” privacy area for the Google Home app. The change was revealed by the tech giant on Monday, and it appears to be live in the current version of the app immediately.

Underneath these settings are a set of links that can walk you through additional ways to control your smart home privacy, such as turning on Guest Mode for Google’s best smart displays and speakers, deleting Google Assistant data, and a guide to Nest sensors. You can also access Google’s various privacy policies and commitments to better understand how your data is being used. Google describes this new page as a “centralized place to help you learn about and manage your household activity data, as well as review and adjust your privacy controls.” According to Google, the page rolls out “this week,” although it has already appeared on several of our devices. If you’re using Google Home version, you may already have access to the privacy page.

The new “Privacy” page can be found in the “General” section of the Google Home settings, which you can access from the icon on the home page. The page features the header “Privacy settings at Home” and features a few settings, letting you remove saved Wi-Fi networks and addresses, review your home activity, and manage your Assistant data. 9to5Google appears to have an additional “Presence setting” option, which acts as a shortcut to those settings for users who depend on it for devices like the Nest Thermostat.

This comes just after a new UI design for Google Home device controls was discovered in the latest version, although the updated look will apparently roll out “in the coming weeks.” The Nest Hub Max is one of the best smart displays you can buy thanks to its large screen, booming speaker setup, and capable video camera for meetings. It’s the ultimate smart home controller that doubles as an entertainment device. Derrek is a long-time Nokia and LG fanboy who loves astronomy, videography, and sci-fi movies. When he’s not working, he’s most likely working out or smoldering at the camera.

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  • Latest Google Home update adds new ‘centralized’ smart home privacy controls
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