iTWire – The Nanoleaf Lines allow you to light your way

The Nanoleaf Lines are a smart lighting package that allows you to enjoy amazing artworks of light, designed however you like, with simple interlocking bars – well, lines – that dance with light and react to music. Make your own light show – without being constrained by out-of-the-box light shapes.

Nanoleaf has released its latest light artwork extravaganza, the Nanoleaf Lines. Like the name says, these are literally lines – or bars of light – that lock together via hex plugs which you then stick to your wall or another surface. The hex plugs allow up to six lines to be connected to each one, with only one actually being connected to a power point. The Lines are smart enough to figure out how they’re connected, and with the companion smartphone app you can then easily add the Lines setup to your Apple Home and Google Home, and Alexa setups. So, without much fuss whatsoever you can effortlessly make a light show that looks great, that reflects your mood and personality, and which responds to your music or games. Then, control it via the app, or via a voice assistant with your voice.

For iTWire, setup really was a cinch. The hardest part was coming up with a compelling design we liked. The Lines can be reconfigured effortlessly, but there is a wee bit of commitment because you adhere the hex sockets to your wall. However, there’s no reason you can’t move them around later – or even stick the sockets all over the place and re-orient the Lines at will.

Out of the Starter box you get nine Lines, and you can purchase more expansion units at will. Unlike other lighting solutions, no hub is needed; it simply fits into your existing home automation ecosystem – be it Apple, Google, or Amazon. It also works with Razer Chroma, IFTTT, and SmartThings. There’s a desktop app too, for Windows and macOS, so you have no shortage of ways to manage the lights.

The more you explore, the more versatility you can find. You can sync the lights to your television or gaming setup, you can elevate any space through the power of light, you can create backlighting for your household appliances or furniture, you could lead the lights up your stairway, or many, many things. The only limit really is your own creativity and imagination.

There are 19 built-in scenes, and you can create your own unlimited animations with two vibrant color zones per Line.

Besides the Starter kit with nine Lines, and the add-on Line packs, you can also buy skins to dress up your Lines and Flex Connectors to help you move your Lines around corners or onto the ceiling.

The Starter Kit, which you can see in the video below, is available for $349.99, while expansion packs with an additional three Lines are available for $119.99. The skins are available in a pack of nine for $39.99 and a three-pack of Flex connectors for $29.99.

There are more options available in the Nanoleaf store; Nanoleaf does sell conventional lightbulbs – RGB, of course, as well as smart and controllable by apps and assistants – like the Nanoleaf Essentials A60/E27 screw-in bulb, or equivalent A60/B22 bayonet bulb. iTWire tested out the E27 and it was also dead simple to install. Simply unscrew your regular old light bulb, screw in the Nanoleaf bulb, connect it via the app and that’s it. Now you can, again, use apps or voice control to turn your lights on and off or change brightness or color as you so choose. You can use Apple Home routines to manage the light automatically when you’re away from home to deter burglars and do all kinds of clever things. Again, sync the lights with your music – or do whatever fancy that strikes. These Essentials globes are available for $39.99 each or as a three pack for $99.99. Not only do they brighten up your home, but as LED lights they will use less energy and have a longer lifetime than your previous home lights.

Check out the Nanoleaf range for yourself. They transform lighting from something that is simply boring but essential to part of your life, brightening and enhancing your workspace, your play area, and your mood.


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