It Looks Like 2 More EA Games Could Be Coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Soon

The subscription service war continues as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate prepares to add two more EA games to the lineup. With Sony’s new, revamped PlayStation Plus subscription on the way, Xbox is making moves to maintain its spotlight by continually adding more titles to the ever-expanding library of games available on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most inclusive subscription service that is offered by Xbox for $15/month (after the first month which is just $1). It includes access to over 100 games on PC, consoles and mobile devices, member discounts and deals, cloud gaming, Xbox Live Gold, and an EA Play membership for no extra cost.


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This EA Play membership will allow players to access the two new games that are rumored to be coming to Game Pass soon, at least according to the Xbox App screenshots shared by Redditors GravielMN and Anthony989511. These games are DICE’s First-Person Shooter Battlefield 2042 as well as the 29th installment of the FIFA series, FIFA 22. As these titles are being added to EA Play, fans are excited for the potential to add these games to their Game Pass library as well.

Battlefield 2042, Its predecessors in the franchise, allows for cross-platform play, easily making it a top choice for Xbox to place onto its subscription service. The shooter does not have a single-player campaign and focuses on multiplayer game modes to unveil a light story about war between the United States and Russia in the year 2042. The other game coming to Game Pass, FIFA 22is also a great fit for Xbox Game Pass because, just as the sport of soccer has the most fans worldwide, the FIFA series is the most widely played sports simulation video game. The different online and offline singleplayer and multiplayer game modes for FIFA 22 make it a versatile title.

There is no doubt that the subscription service model of delivering entertainment content is currently taking center stage on platforms like television (Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, etc.), so it isn’t surprising that the video game industry has moved in that direction as well. Xbox Game Pass competes most closely with PlayStation’s soon-to-be improved subscription model, PlayStation Plus.

Although Battlefield 2042 didn’t have the best reception from fans during release due to its many technical issues at launch, and FIFA 22 also came out of the gate with mixed reviews, putting both of these games onto Game Pass is advantageous to Xbox as it invites more fans to the subscription while keeping those that are already subscribed satisfied. While this may have just been an error in the Xbox app, fans of Battlefield and FIFA have a reason to be optimism.

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