iPad Weather App is Not the Only Option that You Can Explore | Here are the Best Alternatives to WeatherKit

Apple launched a Weather app on iPad three weeks ago. The application was released in line with the iPadOS 16 improvements.

It should be noted that this is the first time the Cupertino giant dropped a special Weather app for the said device. The previous iPad models have no software to track the weather patterns.

Although it’s new to the users, you can try other alternative apps that serve an almost similar purpose to the iPad’s Weather app. Here’s what you need to know.

Apple Weather App

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These are the best weather apps that you can use on your Apple device besides WeatherKit.

It’s still a mystery why the iPhone maker managed to release its very first weather software to the iPad after 12 years, The Verge reports. The said app is also available to Mac, given its latest macOS Ventura version.

Back in 2020, Apple obtained Dark Sky, a famous weather app that accurately posts weather phenomena. It can even provide a location where thunderstorms and other events will occur.

In the new Weather app, we could still see the same features borrowed from Dark Sky. This time, they have come to WeatherKit.

Regardless of your Apple OS, you can use this tool through Swift API. The Rest API is also usable by the other platforms.

Speaking of the app, it’s an effective tracker that you can utilize in measuring the precipitation, as well as forecasting the temperature, UV index, and more for 10 days.

As for its data privacy, Apple clarifies that WeatherKit only uses location data in the process. Your personal information is safe when using this app.

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Weather App Alternatives

According to Apple Insider, the following apps have a “selling point” to users. That’s why they are made unique when it comes to weather features.

CARROT Weather

If you want to have fun while knowing the weather conditions within your location, why not try this UI-friendly CARROT Weather. It features fascinating weather reporting, the ones you see on television.

Moreover, you can enjoy finishing more than 60 achievements as you go along. What’s more, is that it features over 100 secret locations.

NOAA Weather

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has its own weather app that you can use on your iPad. The NOAA app, which is another good alternative to WeatherKit excels in weather forecasting.

You have different options on how to use it. You can do a 24-hour forecast. There’s also a weekly and hourly forecast, as well.

If you’re a fan of sunrise and sunset, this application offers substantial information you need to know about it. There’s also a moonrise and moonset data that you can look out for.

According to NOAA, hunters and angles can utilize the full potential of its app.


If you want to track the fires and air quality within your area, you can use a Breezometer. You can also know the level of air pollution using this tool.

Through AI, it provides real-time data that is always helpful for your needs.

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