How will Google’s passwordless FIDO security work?

How will Google’s passwordless FIDO security work?

Best answer: Google has teamed with the FIDO (Fast ID Online) alliance and will support the latest security standards for logging in to almost any service without using a password. This will work using your Android phone security features, like the fingerprint sensor, as a way to authenticate who you are to the Chrome browser at first, but should expand to use any phone with any browser across all of Google’s own services.

Your phone will be your password

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To keep your accounts safe you should absolutely be using a good password, a good password manager, and two-factor authentication. None of us wants to see our online accounts hacked.

But even with those three things in place, hacks still happen. Managing your own security just isn’t intuitive for everyone, and even people who know all the right things and do them can still get hacked. Google — as well as Apple and Microsoft — is teaming with the FIDO Alliance to make it even harder for someone to get into your accounts without your permission.

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