How To Update The Instagram App (iPhone & Android)

Both iPhone and Android users should regularly update their Instagram applications if they want to access the latest features provided by developers.

If users cannot access the latest Instagram features on their smartphone, they should check whether their app is up to date. Updating the app is a straightforward process. More often than not, users don’t bother updating the application as the app store on their smartphone does it automatically. However, some users follow the updates released by Instagram closely and check the features before updating the app, as it consumes more storage than before. The current Instagram version available on the App Store is 239.1, and the current version on Google Play Store is

Recently, Instagram released a feature that helps find missing children. The social media platform constantly adds new features to keep its users hooked. Users will need to update their app to use the latest features when they are added. So, it’s crucial users know how to manually update the app, as it doesn’t always do it automatically.


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Meta is pretty regular when it comes to releasing updates for its social media apps, such as Facebook and Instagram. After all, both platforms bring in billions of ad revenue for the company. But why should users download and install these updates when the app on their smartphone is running just fine? There are a couple of reasons for that. First, apps keep releasing new features as a part of updates. Second, when developers come across any bug or security issue, they resolve it with the help of updates. Hence, users who want the safest version of Instagram should update the app regularly.

Update Instagram Manually Via Online App Stores

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Some users enable auto-updates for apps on their smartphones. They don’t have to worry about updating an application manually as the app stores download the latest update on their own. However, users who disable auto-updates have to do the whole thing manually. To update Instagram, iPhone users should open the App Store, search for Instagram, and tap on ‘update’ next to the app’s name. The App Store will immediately download the update, and users can open the latest version of Instagram on their iPhones once it is installed.

Similarly, to update Instagram on their smartphones, Android users should open the Google Play Store, search for the app, and tap on the ‘update’ button right beside the name in the search results. As the Play Store begins downloading the update, users will also be able to see the progress on the circular indicator around the app’s icon. Once Instagram is updated, users can tap on the ‘open’ button to access the latest version of the social media app. Alternatively, users can click on their profile icon at the top right corner of the Play Store, select ‘Manage apps & device’ and update Instagram from the list of apps.

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