How to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone and vice versa

If you’ve ever switched between Android and iOS, you know transferring your painful WhatsApp data between devices can be a point. Until recently, transferring a chat backup from an Android to an iOS device wasn’t even possible. However, WhatsApp now allows you to transfer chat history and media between supported Android and iOS devices with a few easy steps. This is currently available for beta users and will soon work for stable users as well.

Here’s how to transfer your WhatsApp data from an Android device to an iPhone and from an iPhone to an Android.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS

Begin by making sure your iPhone has been updated to iOS 15.5 or above. You will need to wipe the iPhone clean and set it up as new for this to work. On the Android phone, the device needs to be on version 5.0 and above. On the Android phone, go to the Play Store and download the ‘Move to iOS’ application by Apple.

There are some more prerequisites. Make sure your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version on your Android. Also, make sure both phones are connected to a power source and that they’re also connected on the same WiFi network.

Open the Move to iOS app and follow the instructions shown on-screen. You will soon be asked to enter a code. You can find this code on your iPhone (in the iOS Setup Assistant’s ‘Move Data from Android’ option). Once you have entered your code, tap Continue and follow the on-screen instructions again.

Select ‘WhatsApp’ on the Transfer Data screen. On your Android phone, press ‘Start’ and then wait while WhatsApp gets all your data together, ready for exporting.

Once this is ready, you will be signed out from your Android phone’s WhatsApp app.

Tap ‘Next’ to go back to the Move to iOS app and hit ‘Continue’ to begin the data transfer. When done, install WhatsApp on your iPhone from the App Store and log in with the same phone number.

Finish the activation on your new device and your WhatsApp chat data should be visible on your iPhone. Note that some elements like payment history and call history will not be carried over.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iOS to Android

If you have been using WhatsApp on an iPhone already and want to switch to an Android phone with your chat history intact, you can do that with Android 12 phones that are not yet set up (although you can perform a factory reset even if it is ).

Begin by connecting your iPhone to a freshly reset Android 12 device with a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. Follow the instructions on-screen to import all or selected data from the iPhone to the Android 12 device.

When the transfer is done, tap on the ‘Continue’ button and scan the QR code shown on the Android phone using your iPhone.

Finish the process by setting up WhatsApp on the Android phone.

You can even transfer iOS WhatsApp data to some Samsung phones even if they’re not on Android 12. This is possible due to a collaboration between WhatsApp and Samsung. Note that you will still need the Samsung phone to be freshly reset.

Begin by resetting your Samsung device and connecting your iPhone to the phone via a USB Type-C to Lightning cable when prompted by the onboard smart-switch application.

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Select all the applications and corresponding data that you want to transfer, including your WhatsApp. You will then be asked to scan a QR code on your Android phone. This should open WhatsApp on your iPhone and you can then press the ‘Start’ button to continue the data transfer.

Finish setting up your Samsung device and then install and open WhatsApp on it. Log in with the same mobile number and press the ‘Import’ button when prompted to complete the data transfer to your Samsung phone.


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