How to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PC and console

The slide cancel is a critical part of the modern Warzone experience. Not even that, it’s been the difference between the great players and the masses since back in early Verdansk days. If you’re looking at how to perform the legendary slide cancel, it’s because you’ve started to take your Warzone performance seriously. Good for you!

This guide will take you through how to perform the slide cancel in Warzone on both PC and consoleso you’ll be able to practice this new technique regardless of your hardware of choice.

How to slide cancel on consoles

To slide cancel on consoles, you’ll have to input the following commands in quick succession:

  • Double tap the left stick to tactical sprint
  • Hold circle / B to start sliding
  • Tap circle / B to crouch
  • Press X / A to stand up

From there, repeat the process over and over again to continue the slide cancel loop. It takes a while to get the muscle memory down, but once you do it’ll become second nature.

How to slide cancel on PC

On PC, you’ll first want to do some rebinding in order to make the slide cancel possible. Head to the keybind menu in the settings, and change the Left CTRL key to change stance / slide. By default, this is set to crouch / slide, which will cause you to jump at the end of the slide, which we don’t want.

Once that’s done, you can slide cancel be quickly inputting the following commands:

  • Double tap Left Shift to engage Tactical Sprint
  • Hold down the Left CTRL key to slide
  • Tap Left CTRL to enter a crouch state
  • Press the Space Bar to enter a standing state

From there, rinse and repeat this four-step process until you get the slide cancel down!

Why is it important to slide cancel?

Slide canceling is so important for several reasons. The first and foremost is that it Your movement speed significantly increases when compared to the standard sprints when done correctly. This means you can get in and out of fights quicker, make rotations into the gas without breaking your mask too much, and just be a slippery opponent to catch.

In addition, it makes you a touch harder to hit due to the elevation changes in your head and torso. You never know when a sniper shot that would have killed you goes just over your dome thanks to a well-timed slide cancel.

just bear in mind, A botched slide cancel slows you all the way down. So before you take your unpracticed slide cancels in Caldera, head into the in-game training tools and private lobbies to get the inputs down. After a short while, it should become muscle memory – like inputting special moves in a fighting game.

That wraps up our guide on how to slide cancel. For more Warzone content, check out our report on Warzone getting a mobile port, and our Vargo 52 build!

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