How To Save Passwords On An iPhone With Safari & View Them Later

An iPhone helps manage website logins when using Safari, and Apple allows passwords to be saved, auto-filled, and synchronized with other devices.

The iPhone can help create and keep track of passwords in Apple’s Safari browser, easing the burden of managing the large number of logins that users have to manage. Nearly every web app and website service require a user name and password to access features and data. In some cases, only a company logo and login screen is presented or content is cut short until the user signs in. With Apple’s help, it’s much easier to handle these needs and look up a password if sharing to a device that Apple doesn’t make.

Apple uses iCloud to synchronize data between an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac computer if they are all signed in to the same Apple ID. It’s also easy to share a password with another Apple device through the use of AirDrop from the passwords tab of the Settings app. If a password is needed for an Android phone or Windows PC, it’s a bit more involved but not too difficult. Of course, Face ID and Touch ID speed through user authentication so passwords can be accessed. The whole system is well-thought-out and usually just works as expected.


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Apple’s Safari browser on the iPhone has an optional iCloud Keychain that can automatically fill in passwords when visiting a website that has a saved login. To ensure this is enabled, the user should open the Settings app, select the Passwords tab, then tap ‘AutoFill PassWords’ and make sure it is switched on. To use the iPhone’s AutoFill feature, the user should navigate to the sign-in page of a website or app, tap the user name field and select an AutoFill that appears above the keyboard. If something has changed with the website’s login process, a saved password might not AutoFill. In this case, tapping the key icon at the right of the keyboard provides a way to search for the correct login. Of course, this only works for previously saved passwords. For new logins, the process is different.

Using iPhone Saved Passwords

Apple iPhone 13 Pro with Apple Unlock Symbol And Password Field

If creating a new website, log in for an iPhone, and the user name and other information should be filled in as usual. After tapping the password field, Safari often suggests a strong password that it automatically generates. This password can be used with a tap or the user can choose their own. After submitting the login form, Safari will give the option to save the generated or user-selected password.

Since iCloud synchronizes passwords across Apple devices, logging in with an iPad or Mac is similar, and AutoFill will help manage passwords effortlessly. When using an Android, Linux, or Windows PC, seeing the password might be necessary. This is possible by opening the Settings app, selecting the Passwords tab, then scrolling down or searching to find the correct website login. The user can tap that login to see the user name, and tapping the password field will reveal the contents and provide an option to copy it to the clipboard. This makes it easy to store and share iPhone passwords with any other device.

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