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Check How to lock an iPad or iPhone in single app mode

Do you want to lock your iPhone or iPad in one app? This can be useful before giving your device to a child, friend, or family member to use. Thanks to the Guided Access feature in iOS and iPadOS, locking a single app on the screen is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Considered an accessibility feature in iOS and iPadOS, Guided Access can be used to lock your iPhone and iPad screen to any of the apps installed on the device, whether it’s a native app or one from the App Store.

Guided Access effectively prevents users from switching to another app or altering device settings. Guided Access has many obvious uses for kids, parents, educators, caregivers, advertisers, and could even be useful for businesses that use devices like iPads to display specific content on screen.

Guided Access Settings

To start using Guided Access, you must first turn on the feature in the Settings app by the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Navigate to Accessibility
  • Select guided access
  • Enable the switch for guided access


  • The Accessibility Shortcut allows you to triple-click the hardware button on your iPhone or iPad to enable the Guided Access feature. On devices with a home button, triple-click the home button to activate it; On devices with Face ID, triple-click the side button or the top button.

Guided Access Activation

Before you can turn on Guided Access, you’ll first need to launch the app you want to lock on the screen. Next, triple-click the Home button (if your device has one) or the Side/Top button on devices with Face ID. This will open the Guided Access settings panel (Figure B).

Figure B

  • Touch the Options button at the bottom left of the screen to enable or disable use of the top buttons, volume buttons, movement, keyboards, touch or dictionary search, or set a time limit for Guided Access ends automatically.
  • Click Start to start using the app through Guided Access. While you can’t go to Home or control any other functions that aren’t related to the app, the app itself is still fully functional.

Turn off Guided Access

When you’re ready to turn Guided Access off, press the same button you used to turn it on three times, then enter your password or authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID (Figure C).

Figure C

This will bring up the Guided Access settings view where you originally turned on Guided Access, except the Cancel button has now been turned into an End button, allowing you to completely end the accessibility feature when tapped.

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