How to Install Android App Bundles (AAB) on Phone 2022 Tip

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Check How to Install Android App Bundles (AAB) on Phone

Assuming the PUBG APK package size is 3 GB, this app remains the same for all Android users regardless of their device settings. If PUBG has support for more than 10 languages, you only need to use English. The remaining language resources unnecessarily consume storage space on the device. It also installs any display settings with this APK on the device, which is totally useless for the device architecture. But AAB makes sure not to install unnecessary resources that consume space on your device, which is partly not suitable for you, but it is signed under the APK package. If there are some major technological advances, it even has its downsides. The AAB does not support other app stores, for example, B. Amazon App Store or Huawei App Gallery.

Users need to export the AAB extension to APK to share with other users. It will be a challenging task for developers who need to repackage their APK packages to release on other third-party stores. It also reduces the chance of an app being ported unless the developer maintains a distinct version of the APK file. Now the AAB for delivering Android apps needs to be split into smaller APK files based on device configurations. Each shared APK corresponds to a specific configuration, unlike the APK sent and downloaded in the same format.

Install .apkm files using APKMirror

  • After downloading the APKMirror .apkm file, open the APKMirror Installer app (free, with in-app purchases). Then select the .apkm file from the “Browse Files” option. Tap on the name of the .apkm file, followed by tapping on “Install Package” from the pop-up menu.
  • APKMirror Installer will display the app details. Next, tap “Install App” at the bottom, followed by “Install” on the popup again to complete the process. If you are using the APKMirror installer for the first time, Android will ask for app installation permissions. It will redirect you to the Settings app and you can enable that option.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can tap “Open App” to start using the app. That’s it. You have successfully installed an Android app bundle on your device.

Install .apks and split apk files using SAI

You can install .apks, .xapk, split apk files, and unencrypted .apkm files using the Split APK Installer (SAI). SAI is considered the gold standard for installing app packages in the Android community. Here’s how to use the SAI app to install split apps:

  • Install SAI from the Play Store (free, with in-app purchases) and tap “Install APK” at the bottom of the home page. You can now use the internal file picker or the system file picker to select the Android app package you want to install. I recommend using the system file chooser.
  • Choose the Android app bundle from the file picker and SAI will automatically select the split apps that match your device. You can also choose specific split APKs, for example if you need an additional language. Once done, tap “Install”.
  • Press “Install” at the app installation prompt and you will get a pop-up message as soon as the installation is complete.

Install .aab files on your device using the app bundle installer

  • Install the app bundle installer (free, contains ads) and tap “Select AAB” on the home screen. When the next page appears, tap the “Select AAB File” button to choose your .aab file.
  • Choose the Android file manager .aab file of your choice and then tap the “Install File” button on the app to start the installation process.
  • The app will now show you a message to tell you how it works. You upload the .aab file, convert the .aab to .apk, sign the .apk file, and download it to your device. Since this is a third party implementation, proceed at your own risk.
  • Once the .apk file is ready, you will see the app installation message. Tap “Install” to install the app and tap “Open” to launch the app once the process is complete.

Final words: How to Install Android App Bundles (AAB) on Phone

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