How To Enable Noclip With Console Commands

To enable noclip in Skyrim, players need to use the developer console, an in-game tool intended for diagnosing bugs and testing the game.

Skyrim Console Commands No Clip Guide Featured

Elder Scrolls games are unique from many other RPGs for a lot of reasons, and one thing that makes Skyrim and other games in the series stand out so much is the development console. While other games force players to use external programs and mods to access developer commands, Skyrim comes with a user-friendly system in-game.

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The console can be used to change player stats, alter features for NPCs, teleport to locations throughout Skyrim, add items to the player’s inventory, and so much more. One of the most-used commands in the game is the No Clip command, which turns off all collision detection. This lets players go through just about any surface, and turning it on isn’t hard at all.


Skyrim Console Commands Elder Scrolls General Overview

The developer console can only be opened by pressing either the tilde key (~) or grave accent (`) on the upper-left of the American English and British English keyboards, respectively. This pauses the game and brings up a see-through text box on the bottom-left of the screen. A flashing white marker indicates that the console is ready for a command.

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There are countless Skyrim console commands, so there’s plenty for players to mess around with on this screen. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that many commands are case-sensitive and must be entered in a specific way. Luckily the noclip command is only three letters, but checking your letters, spaces, and layout is a good habit to develop if you plan to use other commands regularly.

How To Enable Noclip In Skyrim


To enable noclip in Skyrim, first open the development console. Type out the acronym “tcl” (which stands for toggle no clip) and press enter. You should see a notification telling you that collisions have been turned off. You can re-enable collisions by typing “tcl” again. By not selecting a target for the command, this will apply noclip to everything in the world.

To turn off collisions for a specific item, NPC, or another object, open the console then click on your intended target while the game is paused. You should see an ID appear on-screen, but if you accidentally select the wrong target, try getting closer to them as effects like fog can get in the way. Then, type “tcl” as normal And the target will stop colliding with the world around them. To ensure you don’t accidentally lose the target don’t click on anything else or deselect them. The ID will remain the same, which makes it much easier to re-enable collisions later on for that target.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S

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