How to enable cover screen app launcher on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of the most unique, innovative phones on the market. In addition to water-proofing and a number of other quality of life improvements, Samsung added a larger cover screen to the Z Flip 3 when compared to the original two models. While the cover screen’s use was limited at launch, a Good Lock update recently enabled the use of all apps on that tiny little screen.

It’s one of the many reasons the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the very best flip phone you can buy right now, but this functionality isn’t enabled out of the box. For that, you’ll need to download Samsung’s Good Lock app from the Galaxy Apps store and enable the right settings. Ready to get started? Here’s how to enable the cover screen app launcher on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Getting Good Lock installed

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