How To Emote On PC, Consoles, & Mobile

PUBG is one of the most straightforward battle royale games in the genre, incorporating very simple mechanics. Players can easily learn what PUBG is and what it has to offer. On top of that, playing PUBG with friends is much better because things open for players and become much more exciting since PUBG can have those “on-the-edge-of-your-seat” moments. Having a squad around for those moments makes them more manageable too.

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What makes PUBG so fun to play is that fans can personalize a lot of aspects of the game. This is compelling because if fans are playing within a squad, players can bring their own flair to it and make it much more personable. Since PUBG is a game that emphasizes personality and allows communication, the best way to convey those things is using emotes, a mechanic that players to dance, or do gestures that can channel those things in a manner better than simply talking. It also makes for some pretty funny moments during the matches.

4 How To Emote On PC

Emoting on a PC is rather simple granted players know where to go. Doing them is also fluid since the mouse and keyboard set up most PCs will have allows them to access the menu and even customize them. Accessing the emote menu is downright easy in PUBG. First, players on PC must hit the ~ keywhich is located right under the Escape key and above the Tab key on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

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From there, a circular menu should appear with twelve emotes which can be changed in PUBG’s main menu. Then, players can select the emote by either click it or by pressing the number key the emote is assigned to, which starts from 1 all the way to the plus sign beside the Backspace key. This is probably a little more cumbersome for players to get to the emote menu out of all the platforms, however, like the other platforms, players should use the emotes sparingly because an enemy player could be nearby and ready to move on players.


3 How To Emote On Mobile

PUBG and PUBG: New State have a lot in common in the form of gameplay elements, but also have some things that set the two versions apart, which include how players access the menu of the emotes. PUBG: New State is quite simple. Since fans are playing on a mobile device, emotes can potentially be done quicker compared to other platforms, such as the PC.

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To use emotes in PUBG: New State, players should press and hold the Emote buttonwhich is located on the right-hand side of the screen. After that, a circular menu showing all the emotes that players have will appear and players can do the emotes by simply pressing them. For PUBG: New State players, the emotes just don’t stop at the default ones. The game offers a bunch of free ones as well, which players can showcase to personalize their setup. Doing emotes in PUBG: New State is as simple as it gets because, unlike the other platforms, they can be accessed on the screen fairly quickly.

2 How To Emote On Console

On both the Playstation and Xbox doing the emotes is also easy, but because players are using a controller, it may be a little slower. When players use the emote they should do it in a safe area free from enemies. The emote mechanic on both consoles are basically the same thing since they operate the same way.

First, players who play PUBG on consoles need to hit the bumpers at the same time on their controllers, so LB and RB on Xbox and L1 and R1 on Playstation consoles, then the action wheel will pop up. From there, players can use the right stick on their controller to select whichever emote they’d like to use.

Since there are two pages on the action wheel, players can use the D-Pad on their controllers to scroll, which makes it somewhat easier. However, unlike the other platforms, it’s not as streamlined, which means players should use the emotes from the safety of a location and that players know for sure the surrounding area has no enemies lurking about.

1 Changing Emotes

PUBG features twenty-one emotes and can only have sixteen equipped at once, so players can swap theirs if they find a better one. Doing this is pretty simple and the same on all platforms. Players should head over to the “Customize” menu which is located in the pre-game lobby. Once players are there, fans should look for the “Emotes and Spray” tab. From there, players will see a grid of all the emotes they have either unlocked or have as defaults on the left, and the action wheel with emotes they have equipped will be on the right.

This menu will allow players to change, add, or take out emotes at a whim, and as more emotes become available to players, the menu and options become more extensive. This is a good way for players to keep things fresh and entertaining.

PUBG is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Android, iOS, and Stadia.

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