How to add and manage bots in Discord on your desktop or iOS and Android

Quick steps

  • Go to MEE6
  • Select “Add to Discord”
  • Grant the MEE6 access to your Discord Account & Server

In Discord, bots are friendly, free-to-use, artificial intelligence apps that you can add to help improve and enhance your server.

They can automatically welcome users, ban or kick out anyone who’s disruptive, send out alerts for when you’re streaming on Twitch, and even allow you to play games.

You just need to pick one from a variety of popular bot websites and add them to your server. All the coding and the difficult process of creating them from scratch has already been done for you.

With this in mind, we’ll be using MEE6 – one of the most popular Discord bots – as an example of how to set one up to welcome new users to servers, without you having to do any additional work.

  • Discord client (desktop or browser app)
  • Internet connection
  • MEE6 (or another specific bot website)


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  • Authorize access to your Discord account. Having selected “Add to Discord”, an external pop-up box will open in your web browser, explaining that “MEE6 wants access to your Discord account”.
  • MEE6 is a safe and highly recognized bot, so select “Authorize” to allow MEE6 access to your account so that it can be used on your server.

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  • Select the server to which you wish to add the bot. You’ll be redirected to the MEE6 website, where a list of servers will appear – as long as you’re a member of them and have certain permissions. Keep in mind that you should not add or change bots on a server you don’t own without first having a discussion with said server’s admin or owner. In this case, we’ll be adding the bot to our own server.

Creating a bot on Discord

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  • Grant MEE6 access to your Discord server. Another external pop-up box will appear, asking you to confirm the server to which you’re granting MEE6 access. To allow this, you must have “Manage Server” permissions for that server. In this case we do, since we’re the owner of the server.
  • Click “Continue”, and you’ll be presented with a list of permissions that the bot is asking you to grant. These include: administrator, manage rolls, manage channels, ban members, and more. Click “Authorize” to continue, and complete the Captcha on the following page. It’s worth noting that the bot cannot and will not read or send messages as you.

How to use MEE6 as a Welcoming Bot in Discord

Creating a bot on Discord

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  • Go to the MEE6 Dashboard and select the “Welcome” tab. Now when accessing the MEE6 website, you’ll be greeted with the dashboard. From here you can edit and customize how the bot works with your server.

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