How managed backup and recovery solutions ensure business resilience

GUEST OPINION: Utilizing technology will play a huge role in improving your upper hand in this competitive marketplace. However, incorporating technological advancement into your business operations may expose you to various cyber threats and related issues. Over the last few years, cyber threats have advanced in efficiency and complexity, making it necessary for business owners to develop ways to backup and recover sensitive data in case of a cyber-attack.

According to the best managed IT services in San Francisco, businesses have used onsite backup and recovery solutions for many years to protect and safeguard sensitive data. Most of the solutions were ineffective, time-consuming, and expensive to manage and maintain, reducing your profit margin. For these reasons, there was a need to introduce a more efficient solution for backup and recovering business data, ensuring resilience. Enter managed backup and recovery service.

The following article discusses what you need to know about managed backup and recovery solutions. You’ll learn what managed backup and recovery solution is, how they can ensure business resilience and more. Keep reading.

What Is managed backup and recovery solution?

As mentioned above, most businesses have been using onsite systems to backup and recover sensitive data in case of a cyber-attack. On the other hand, a managed backup and recovery system involves a business reaching out to a third-party service provider to offer backup and recovery solutions for your operations. The popularity of managed IT services has grown exponentially over the last few years, with most businesses preferring to take advantage of this over traditional onsite systems.

Utilizing managed backup and recovery system will help lessen the workload on your team members and ensure you have reliable skills at your disposal in case of a cyber threat. However, due to the many service providers available, choosing the right solution for your business can be challenging.

For this reason, it’s important to conduct extensive research. Go through the provided testimonial to gauge whether the service provider will meet your goals and expectations, improving the value of your investment.

How managed solution may ensure business resilience

The following is how managed recovery and backup solutions would ensure your business adapts to disruptions while maintaining your production line:

1. Consolidate multiple solutions into one

As the IT environment advances, most businesses are now implementing multiple solutions to backup and recover business data. As a result, they’ll end up with several solutions for each system such as physical servers, endpoints, and more. However, a non-integrated backup and recovery system increases your maintenance cost.

On the other hand, managed backup and recovery solution will make it easier to consolidate your multiple platforms into one backup and recovery platform. Thus, your team members can backup sensitive data from one unified interface. In case of a data loss, you can easily recover sensitive data such as patient information from the consolidated platform, ensuring your business is up and running. Additionally, it’ll improve the efficiency of your training programs. Thus, the team members will know how to react in case of a data breach, ensuring business resilience.

2. Offer proactive monitoring

This is another way managed backup and recovery solutions may help ensure business resilience. Although you might have an in-house IT team, advanced cyber-attacks may overwhelm your IT architecture. This will increase the chances of downtime and may affect your competitive advantage.

On the other hand, managed service providers proactively monitor your IT systems, including data centres, cloud storage, and more to ensure they’re running smoothly. Thus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing there’s a dedicated team to oversee backup and recovery efforts in case of cyber threats. Also, the team is readily available so you can rest easy knowing that the data is being recovered and restored, ensuring business resilience.

3. Automation

Businesses have used manual processes for many years to backup and recover business data. The processes were time-consuming and inefficient, which could affect your business operations. The managed solution makes it easier for you to automate your backup and recovery efforts.

This reduces the chances of making an error, improving the efficiency of your backup and recovery system. Additionally, automated backup and recovery solutions will ensure you comply with the set regulations when recovering and backing up data. This won’t only improve your brand reputation but will also save you from fines and lawsuits.

Thanks to technological advancement, you can easily integrate advanced solutions such as cloud storage and data encryption into your IT system. The solution will improve your business operations’ cybersecurity and make it easier for team members to recover sensitive data, improving productivity.

Bottom line

As discussed above, investing in managed backup and recovery solutions will play a huge role in improving your business resilience. However, choosing the ideal service provider can be challenging, especially for newbies. For this reason, it’s important to conduct extensive research to gauge the reputation of a vendor, giving you the value of your hard-earned bucks.


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