Horizon Forbidden West Players Point Out the Game’s Incredible Little Details

Fans of Guerrilla Games’ open world action-RPG Horizon Forbidden West point out some of the game’s most impressive little graphical details.

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Horizon Forbidden West launched last month to rave reviews from critics and stands as one of the highest-rated new game releases of the year. Horizon Forbidden West Being a cross-gen game had some worried that it wouldn’t live up to its full potential graphics-wise, but the final product has proven that it’s still one of the best-looking games ever made, whether one is playing on PlayStation 4 or PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West features a massive open world filled with incredible details, with fans recently taking to the subreddit to point out some of the most impressive little details that may go unnoticed. The thread was started by Reddit user Cirescythe, who presented an impressive list of Horizon Forbidden West graphical details that players can see for themselves if they pay close attention in the game.


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Among the more impressive details pointed out by Cirescythe is how if Horizon Forbidden West protagonist Aloy leaves footprints in the snow, they will actually fill back up if it’s snowing. It was also pointed out how trees bend naturally when a machine moves up against them and how Aloy will leave wet footprints in the sand if she just came from water.

The post also mentions how the Horizon Forbidden West Game world changes as players progress, with certain locations changing appearance depending on what happens in both main quests and side quests, and how there are often new interactions with NPCs after one has already finished their stories. Clearly, developer Guerrilla Games put in a significant amount of effort to get even Horizon Forbidden West‘s smaller details right, and this work is very much appreciated by the community.

It may seem like a minor thing to some, but details like these can go a long way in making a video game world feel alive. In turn, this can help players get more immersed in the world, its story, and characters, so it’s great to see a game like Horizon Forbidden West that has this mind-boggling level of detail. Anyone who missed some of these details during their initial Horizon Forbidden West playthrough may want to return to the game to see if they can spot them and maybe even find new ones to talk about.

In the meantime, there are rumors that Horizon Forbidden West DLC could be in the works, and if those rumors pan out, it will be interesting to see what other impressive sights Guerrilla Games is able to create for series fans.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now for PS4 and PS5.

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